You’re rocking some sharp new jewelry. You look in the mirror and your jaw drops when you see a large piece of dangling metal with a knuckle-sized industrial post.

Because you’re mistaken about which kind of post your new jewelry has, it’s about to fall off your hand.

Don’t be the person who makes this costly mistake. Instead, you should learn the difference. By doing so, you’ll enjoy your new, hassle-free jewelry.

So what’s the difference between internally vs externally threaded jewelry pieces and accessories?

Differences Between Internally and Externally Threaded Jewelry

Internally Threaded Jewelry

There are a couple of key differences between internally and externally threaded jewelry.

First was internally threaded jewelry, the threading is on the inside of the post, while with externally threaded jewelry, the threading is on the outside of the post.

Another is this type of jewelry is generally smoother and more comfortable to wear, as there are no sharp edges on the threading.

The type of threaded jewelry you choose should be based on your needs. If you are looking for something easy to put in and take out, then externally threaded jewelry is a good choice.

Internally threaded jewelry is more difficult to put in and take out, but it is less likely to come loose.

Choosing the Right Type for Your Needs

Internally threaded jewelry has threads on the inside of the bar, while externally threaded jewelry has threads on the outside of the bar. The smooth inner surface of the bar can be more comfortable for some people.

However, internally threaded jewelry is more difficult to clean and can be more difficult to keep tight. If you’re looking to have your jewelry customized, learn more about it at Finer Custom Jewelry and book an appointment now!

Internally Jewelry

Benefits of Internally Threaded Jewelry

When it comes to internally threaded jewelry, the main benefit is that it is far more comfortable to wear. This is because there are no sharp edges that can come into contact with the skin.

This type of jewelry is also less likely to cause irritation, as there are no protruding areas that can rub against the skin. Additionally, internally threaded jewelry is less likely to cause infections, as bacteria are less likely to enter the body through any open areas.

The Benefits of Externally Threaded Jewelry

Externally threaded jewelry has many benefits over the more traditional internally threaded type. One of the biggest advantages is that it is much easier to keep clean.


Because the threads are on the outside of the jewelry, there is no chance for dirt or other debris to become trapped in them. This also makes it much less likely for the threads to become damaged or bent.

Additionally, externally threaded jewelry is generally much less expensive than its internally threaded counterparts.

Get To Know Internally vs Externally Threaded Jewelry Now

If you’re looking for a new piece of jewelry, you may be tucked between internally vs externally threaded jewelry. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully before making a decision.

Internally threaded jewelry is typically more comfortable to wear and less likely to snag on clothing, but it can be more difficult to clean. Externally threaded jewelry is easier to clean but can be more likely to snag on clothing or cause discomfort.

Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on your personal preferences and needs.

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