An internal memo for Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum’s campaign for governor, written by Republican strategy firm McLaughlin & Associates, shows McCollum still trails former health care executive Rick Scott 37-31 percent in the race, though 32 percent of likely Republican primary voters remain undecided. The same poll showed a 35-35 tie between the Republican candidates on July 1.

The poll seems to indicate that negative campaigning by both sides has polarized primary voters: Scott has a 38-32 favorability spread and McCollum has a 36-39 spread.

Since this a memo for the McCollum campaign, it strikes an optimistic note for his operations: “Once back on the air, Bill McCollum can return to the 42% favorable and 33% unfavorable he had on July 1 — or better. It’s all a function of having enough resources to get Bill back on the air.”

McCollum did get some help Friday with a $1.3 million check from the state for matching funds. However, if Scott, a self-financed millionaire candidate, spends over $24.9 million — which looks very possible given that he has already spent over $22.9 million — then McCollum will get a dollar-for-dollar match from the state.

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