You work hard in college, earn excellent grades, and decided to join Honor Society. Membership confers prestige along with material benefits such as scholarships and discounts. What’s more, you are likely to have a better overall college experience.

Most Honor Society members value the status and networking opportunities provided by the membership. Yet there are less well-known privileges that you may not be aware of.

This is a shame because, although they aren’t as familiar, they can boost both your academic and professional careers. Honor Society membership entitles you to these benefits, so why not take advantage of them?

Let’s look together at ten little-known facts about the Honor Society membership you own. You might see how some of these benefits can enhance your current and future career. Let’s go!

Honor Society Membership: How It Can Help You

Most likely, you joined Honor Society so you could place the organization on your resume.

Realizing the benefits of leadership, you may have decided to run for office in your school’s Honor Society Chapter. Finally, perhaps you are involved with one of the Charter’s community service projects.

But what else can membership do for you? In this section, let’s explore ten benefits you may not know about.

1. Career Advancement

Joining any club allows you to meet other people and promote your skills. Honor Society, though, gives you access to local, national, and international leaders. This is a unique feature, and it gives your career a head-start over the careers of non-members.

Honor Society hosts networking events designed to bring together these leaders and its members. Prestigious employers attend so they can hire hard-working and dedicated members like yourself. When you take part in one of these networking events, employers instantly recognize you as exceptional.

2. Job Search Tools

Membership fees enable you to career guides and job listings accessible only to members.

What’s more, since you can be an Honor Society member for life, you can use these resources long after you graduate from college.

3. Your Online Profile

Every Honor Society member creates an online personal profile. Your online presence is one of the big advantages of membership.

When you list your skills, interests, and experiences, employers notice. Companies have permission to access the online platform. They will contact you if you seem like a good fit.

Additionally, other members can reach out to one another, based on shared experiences. Your profile, then, allows you to network as well as find a well-matched job.

4. Honor Society Blog

Included in your online profile is a personal blog. Honor Society encourages you to post articles demonstrating knowledge of your chosen field.

Peers can read your blog and increase their understanding of your subject. In addition, by using the blog post feature, you demonstrate your expertise. It establishes you as an online authority on the subject matter.

Finally, the blog post feature gives you the opportunity to build your writing portfolio. This can be a useful resource when applying for a job in the field you are writing about.

5. Restaurant Gift Cards

Members of Honor Society work hard in their studies. They should be able to treat themselves to something nice once in a while.

Going out to dinner can be relaxing but also expensive. Honor Society members can receive a $25 gift card from It is valid at over 18,000 nationwide restaurants.

6. Monthly Scholarships

Honor Society membership provides the opportunity to apply for exclusive scholarships and awards. That is true for most national honor societies.

Members of Honor Society may also apply for monthly scholarships. These are awarded based on the results of a writing contest. The winner receives a $250 award.

College expenses are often tight. Financial help, no matter how small, can make a big difference.

7. Travel Discounts

Expenses also pile up during the last year of college. Visiting potential graduate schools requires expensive plane tickets. So do job applications in other states.

College students may struggle to find the financial resources to move on in their careers. Luckily, Honor Society members have access to helpful travel discounts. For example, Hertz car rentals provide a 20% discount on member car rentals.

8. Discounts on Health Insurance

Health insurance, including dental insurance, is often another big concern for college students. It can be prohibitively expensive, and some individuals might thus have to go without.

Honor Society membership can help through its health insurance discounts. These include dental insurance through Careington. Quality dental insurance is often prohibitively expensive, which makes this benefit especially advantageous.

Members also receive discounts on vision exams through Eye Med Vision Care. They receive 20% to 40% off the cost of eye-ware.

9. Test Prep

Most graduate degree programs require an entrance exam. These include the GMAT, MCAT, or LSAT. Preparing for these exams can be very expensive, with traditional test prep programs costing about $150.00.

Honor Society membership allows students to prepare for these exams at the much lower price of $19.99. Honor Society has partnered with BenchPrep to offer this service. It can help students successfully prepare for graduate school exams.

10. Opportunities in Campus Charters

Many college campuses have on-site Honor Society charters. These allow members to develop their leadership and organizational skills.

Members are encouraged to run for officer positions. They are then able to spearhead community service projects and other initiatives, all of which is valuable information on a resume.

Campus charters provide wonderful networking opportunities. They also offer students the chance to socialize. Honor Society members share common academic concerns and can motivate one another to succeed further.

Honor Society Wrap-Up

As you can see, Honor Society membership has many less well-known benefits. Ranging from job search tools to test prep to insurance discounts. They make the price of membership worthwhile!

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