Facts about Ferraris are things out of a legend. From a scrappy two car production run at its start to a Ferrari theme park, Ferrari has done it all.

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1. The First Ferrari Production Run Only Made Two Cars

The First Ferrari Production Run Only Made Two Cars

After leaving Alfa Romeo, Enzo Ferrari made the first tow cars that could technically be called a Ferrari.

Enzo’s first model (called the Auto Avio Costruzioni 815) was a two-seater, 1.5-liter racer. Even though Ferrari made only two, one still lives on in a car museum in Italy.

2. You Can Buy a Ferrari Surfboard

Ferrari, like many other luxury car brands, has always been about a lifestyle. You can buy Ferrari plushies, Ferrari surfboards, Ferrari watches and much, much more.

By selling brand adjacent products, Ferrari can capitalize on its status to bring in extra revenue. All of their additional merchandising results in a reasonably lucrative secondary income stream for the brand.

One Ferrari branded thing you can’t buy? Great Ferrari fun facts like THESE.

3. Each Ferrari Can Take 18-24 Months to Build

From start to finish, every Ferrari can take between 18-24 months to build. When you compare this to Ferrari’s production numbers (the company typically makes 10,000 a year), that turn around time is pretty impressive.

When factories build a Ferrari, they’re putting an incredible amount of care into a process that demands an output of nearly 30 cars per day.

4. There’s a Ferrari Theme Park

There's a Ferrari Theme Park

You heard us right, there’s Disney World, and then there’s Ferrari World. In a world full of fun facts about Ferraris, this fact is the most fun.

In 2010, Ferrari opened the world’s largest indoor theme park in Abu Dhabi. The theme part is, obviously, Ferrari themed and features several large attractions. The most notable of these attractions is an F1 themed roller coaster.

5. Enzo Won the Right to Ferrari’s Insignia in a Race

Ferrari’s Italian Stallion isn’t just a metaphor for MORE HORSEPOWER. Ferrari’s branding is a homage to Francesca Baracca, who painted a rampant stallion on a blood-red shield onto the side of his plane. Baracca, in turn, was honoring the 1692 Royal Piedmont Cavalry Regiment who flew a rampant stallion as their coat of arms.

In 1923, Enzo Ferrari won the rights to use Baracca’s coat of arms at the Circuito Automobilistico del Savio race in Treviso.

6. Ferrari Is a Fiat Brand

Next up in our line up of interesting facts about Ferrari – the company who brought us the ever-glorious Model T tried to buy Ferrari in 1963 for $18 million.

Eventually, Enzo Ferrari refused and instead sold a 90% stake in his company to Fiat.

7. Ferrari Use to Pay Michael Schumacher $80-100 Million per Year

Micheal Schumacher, the legendary F1 driver and winner of 7 world championships, was once the highest-paid athlete of all time. In a single year, Schumacher would typically earn between $80-100 million.

He didn’t hold the title for long, but the investment was well worth it. Schumacher elevated the Ferrari racing pedigree to all new heights.

8. The Ferrari F40 Had Incredible Branding

The Ferrari F40 Had Incredible Branding

The last car that Enzo Ferrari ever approved was released on the company’s 40th anniversary. Everything about the Ferrari F40 came in multiples of 40.

From the car’s 400 car production run to it’s $400,000 price tag, Ferrari went above and beyond to honor the brand’s legacy.

Even though this is simple, it’s one of our favorite Ferrari facts.

9. Ferrari Didn’t Choose to Be Red

Ferrari’s have always been track cars, first and foremost.

In the early days of racing, the International Automobile Federation ruled that all Italian sports car teams needed to have red cars. The red color was only supposed to be a safety regulation.

However, Ferrari’s became so strongly associated with the Italian red they kept the color.

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