The acquisition of insurance is an integral and proactive step in building a successful business, especially for those in maintenance professions such as handymen. After all, handyman businesses involve certain requirements and risks that make coverage essential. For example, whether you’re addressing electrical faults, using power tools, or fixing plumbing problems, accidents may lead to damage, which will ultimately cost you if you lack financial protection.

Insurance to Get for Handyman Businesses

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For this reason, you must invest in insurance, even if the state you’re based in may not necessarily require it. But if you’re still on the fence, here are a few more reasons to get coverage.

Medical expenses

Handymen generally work with tools that may cause serious injuries. They could also encounter potentially hazardous materials, such as fungus, dust, or mold, that could cause health-related problems. It’s also not uncommon for injuries and accidents to occur from lifting weighty objects and engaging in repetitive motions.

Moreover, while handymen are at risk of injury, clients are too. A toolbox that’s been mislaid or placed in an awkward position may cause curious homeowners to fall, trip or fall. Even if it’s an accident, there’s a chance you may be liable and have to shoulder the medical bills.

State requirement

The need for handyman coverage may vary from one state to another. And if you’re in places like Florida, then you may need handyman insurance in florida to legally operate your business, especially workers’ compensation and general liability. Without it, you could put yourself at risk of a potentially expensive lawsuit.

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Theft or property damage

The tools of handymen are their lifeblood. Without them, it’s impossible to take on jobs and complete tasks. If they were to be stolen or damaged, repairing or replacing them could be an expensive endeavor that may eat into your profits and savings. Moreover, if any damage is done to the client’s belongings or property, you’ll have to compensate them.

Fortunately, insurance can give you the coverage you need to ensure that you and your customers remain financially protected in case of a problem. It’ll also put your worries at ease and allow you to focus on your work since you know your finances are safe.

Business interruptions

When running a business, it’s impossible to eliminate the possibility of problems that can interrupt your operations. Weather damage or fire can cause issues that you’ll need to scramble enough funds to pay for as you try to get your business back on track. You won’t have this problem with the right insurance coverage—some even cover industries for any unexpected interruptions.



Planning and preparation can help prevent business mishaps. However, there are only so many preventative measures that one can do to avoid mistakes. The reality is that it’s impossible to mitigate problems from happening. There must be a backup plan, and there aren’t many contingencies as practical and essential as insurance. This is especially important in trades where risks of accidents are high, like being a handyman. So be sure that you get coverage before you begin operating.

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