Faith and religious beliefs can have measurable impacts on both our spiritual lives and our worldly ones. Religion and spirituality are among the most important cultural factors that lend structure and meaning to our existence, and having faith is associated with better health outcomes at every stage of life.

But in the unpredictable times we live in, it can be difficult to grow your faith. It seems like at every turn, the secular world poses challenges that there are no easy answers to.

That’s why continuous religious growth is important to maintaining and cultivating a rewarding spiritual life. Here are a few ways how to grow your faith you can perform in your everyday life.

1. Grow Your Faith Through Daily Practice

Grow Your Faith Through Daily Practice

The most important aspect of growing your faith is to remember that it’s not an occasional commitment. Religious growth doesn’t come from going through the motions every Christmas and Easter, but through taking consistent action over a lifetime.

Find time each day to praise God for who He is, and not just for what He has done for you. This act of praise removes us from the picture and puts God at the forefront of our considerations.

2. Be Thankful in All Things

Be Thankful in All Things

It can be tempting to think of all of God’s actions as grand gestures of the kind you’d read about in scripture. But in truth, putting parameters on what works we think are worthy of consideration and gratitude gives us a narrow view of the divine. It’s living life with blinders on, preventing you from seeing the full majesty of the big picture.

It doesn’t matter if God parted the seas, turned water into wine, or found your lost car keys. Remembering every time God has come through for you will help you to cultivate a greater attitude of gratitude. And it will help you practice it even in times that are difficult or uncomfortable.

3. Reconnect With Group Worship

Reconnect With Group Worship

Faith is indeed a personal matter for all of us. However, that doesn’t mean we should cordon our spiritual selves off from the rest of the world.

Quite the contrary. By taking part in fellowship with others we can forge links to one another as well as build a stronger collective connection with God.

What this looks like in practice may vary from one person to another. Many find fellowship in churches like Sound of Heaven. Others find it in rendering service to their community and those in need.

There’s no wrong answer, and you need not limit yourself to only one selection. The broader point is that we are not meant to sequester ourselves from the outside world, but rather to live as spiritual people in a secular society.

Growing In Faith Through Daily Refinement

Faith is not something we have, but rather something we practice. We choose whether to perform our faith every day, so the decision to grow your faith is likewise one that you have to make constantly.

And even in mundane moments when you don’t have the time to stop and ponder the divine, you can still exercise your faith by living in a way that is consistent with your morals. For ideas on how you can live a more spiritual life in all aspects, be sure to check out our latest lifestyle news and guides.

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