Even if travel has slowed down right now, planning for and dreaming of traveling abroad is on everyone’s mind. Everyone’s 2021 travel bucket list is a mile long.

But what if you get injured or sick while traveling abroad? How do you ensure that you take care of all eventualities, without breaking the bank, and still enjoy your time abroad until you return home?

It doesn’t have to be anything major, either. It could be a cold that you catch on the plane or a food-borne illness that doesn’t allow you to leave the vicinity of your hotel bathroom. What a nightmare!

Read on to see some steps you can take in case you do get an injury during international travel.

Don’t Panic: The Cardinal Rule of Getting Sick Abroad

No matter what happens, or where you are if you get sick while abroad, do not panic. There’s no need to make things worse by doing something untowardly. Stay calm and steady. Think things through, and then make smart decisions.

Hasty decisions won’t get you anywhere. Nowadays, with the advent of globalization, you are pretty much safe no matter where you go.

Contact Your Embassy if It’s a Major Injury

If you think that you are in trouble financially or that you would not be able to afford your medical bills, contact your embassy first.

Make sure that they are aware that you are going through such a dilemma, so they can suggest some alternatives for you. They have dealt with hundreds of American citizens in every scenario you can imagine.

They will have a solution for you in your time of need as well.

Contact Your Insurance Company if You Have One

Hopefully, you thought ahead and have some sort of medical or travel insurance, either through your credit card, financial institution, or some other facility. Contact your insurance company and let them know what’s going on.

This way they will be able to guide you with regards to which hospital to choose, and how to apply for reimbursement, once you are healed. Some insurance companies will even be able to pay the hospitals directly. Check with yours!

Access Local Health Care Facilities

Most places in the world nowadays have health-care facilities that cater to foreign travelers. They are a bit more expensive than the government hospitals, but they are cleaner and have better equipment. Grab a taxi and go to your nearest hospital asap.

Take Precautions When You Are Going Abroad to Have a Safe Trip

It’s easy to go overboard when abroad and start taking selfies in dangerous locales or take on activities that aren’t suitable for your fitness level.

Avoid injury while abroad by staying alert and cautious. Just because everyone else is drinking that third bottle of tequila doesn’t mean you have to partake as well. Stay within your limits and this way you will enjoy your trip healthy and wise.

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