The infrared sauna market has grown 50% over the past five years and is soaring in popularity.

You love traditional saunas but you’re not 100% sure about this other version, especially about infrared sauna safety.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is an Infrared Sauna?

Before you decide between infrared sauna vs dry sauna, it’s important to know the difference.

Unlike traditional saunas, infrared ones don’t heat the air around you. They use infrared lamps to warm your body, thanks to electromagnetic radiation.

Radiant saunas are at a lower temperature than traditional ones, usually between 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. People find infrared saunas less intense than traditional ones as the air remains the same temperature.

Benefits of Infrared Saunas

There are many advantages of infrared beds. For example, they encourage:

  • Better sleep
  • Relaxation
  • Detoxification
  • Clearer skin
  • Healing of wounds
  • Improved circulation
  • Relief from joint pain

Many of these are the same benefits as traditional saunas.

Things You Must Know Before Using Infrared Saunas

If you’re concerned about the dangers of infrared saunas, follow these seven tips so you maximize your time in the sauna bed.

1. Stay Hydrated

You’ll sweat a lot in an infrared sauna, so it’s essential to drink plenty of water.

Drink around a liter of water before each session. The general rule of thumb is that if you’re thirsty once you get out, you didn’t drink enough.

If you’re concerned, drink a glass of water before the session and even bring water inside if you’re sensitive to higher heats. Or you can take in a sports electrolyte replacement drink or coconut water to replenish your body as your sweat.

Avoid drinking alcohol the day before your sauna session as it’ll make you more dehydrated. Also, if you feel ill or have a fever then wait to use the sauna until you’re feeling healthier.

2. Leave Your Phone Outside

Never bring your smartphone inside an infrared area as the light and heat can interfere with your phone’s software.

Although many infrared saunas display TVs and let you watch Netflix, you should fully immerse yourself in the experience.

3. Choose the Temperature and Always Cool Down

Infrared temperatures start from 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a favorite for many beginners. If you are new to this, stay around this temperature for a few sessions.

In the beginning, because you’re not used to the heat, you may feel lightheaded when you stand because of over sweating. If this happens, get up slowly and sit down once you leave the sauna.

As you get more comfortable, crank up the heat slowly towards 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you’ve finished the session, grab a glass of water and wait between five to 15 minutes to cool down before jumping into a cold shower.

Washing afterward is essential. Sweating is the body’s natural detoxification process so you want to wash away everything you’ve sweated so you don’t re-absorb it.

A shower also eases you back into reality, therefore, prolonging the relaxing nature of the sauna.

4. Check the Time

If it’s your first time and you’re unsure how it works, have a 10 to 15-minute session so you can gauge whether you’re comfortable with the heat. And then, add time to each session until you stay for 20 to 30 minutes.

Many infrared saunas have a timer so set it to prevent dehydration or overheating.

You should also schedule your sessions to best suit your needs. For example, if you have insomnia then have an early evening sauna to relax you before bed.

5. Sit Up Straight

Laying across the bench is relaxing but to fully reap the benefits of the infrared sauna, sit up straight. This is so you aim the heaters directly at the front and back of your body so you can absorb as much infrared light as possible.

6. Try the Different Infrared Colors

Infrared saunas come equipped with a chromotherapy guide highlighting different color light options. For example, green relaxes your body and mind whereas yellow dissolves any stress you may feel.

Instead of flicking through all 12 color options, sit underneath the lights and absorb each one from three to five minutes to get their benefits.

7. Wear the Right Clothes

If possible, wear nothing, but if you have to, wear a bathing suit or loose clothes so your body can sweat properly. They should also be breathable so hot air can reach the skin directly.

Ignore the myth of wearing heavy clothing because it makes you sweat more. Heavy clothing only overheats your body and stops toxins in your
sweat from getting properly excreted.

You should also bring a towel to sit on and a smaller one to wipe yourself down when you sweat. This is because your body is releasing toxins so you don’t want these seeping into your sauna bench or floor.

Avoid wearing earrings, necklaces, and bracelets as they can overheat and scar your skin. Further, remove electronic devices like smartwatches as they are sensitive to heat and could explode in the infrared sauna.

That’s Everything On Infrared Safety

It’s essential to understand infrared safety before your first session.

Stay hydrated before and after to ensure you don’t overheat and wear loose clothing so you’re comfortable when sweating. Be sure to cool off with a shower so you can wash away your sweat’s toxins and ease yourself back into your day. Happy relaxing!

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