If you are planning a new project, you might assume that you need to buy standard cables from a local electronics supplier. However, you can order custom cables and wire harnesses that work for your business. The industries listed below can use custom cable assemblies at any time, and these assemblies can be built in any style.

Oil And Gas

If you work with a company like Meridian Cable Assemblies, you can ask for cables that will hold up to extreme heat and cold. You might need cables that work underwater, or you might need cables that will work when they are covered with oil. You might use these cables in rigs or exploration platforms, and you should ask for a heavy harness that will protect the cables from damage.


When you are working on new electrical projects or technology products, you need custom cables that will fit inside the product you are building. If you do not use the appropriate cables, it is difficult to fit the cables into the assembly. Plus, you might need cables that are specific lengths, use certain wires, or take on a certain shape. You can order cables that will retract or take on a coiled shape. You could even use cables that have a special hook or plug on the end.


Plumbers work with cables when they are managing electrical water heaters and appliances. You might want to order special cables that will make it easy to plug in a garbage disposal that does not have its own plug. You could order cables that help you plug in a water heater, or you could order replacement cables that can be used instead of what is on the device.

Appliance Repair

Appliance repair companies often work with cables inside appliances that are damaged or broken. These cables may not be made properly, and the repair company can order special cables that make simple repairs easier.

Automotive Repairs & Design

When you are building or remodeling a car, you could use custom cables that will fit the vehicle. You should consider what cables you can use to create a new electrical cluster, or you could replace the cables used for sensors. People who are building their own vehicles can order new cables that will help with everything from the headlights to the spark plugs.

IT Service And Repair

IT service and repair companies can order custom cables that will be used to connect their diagnostic devices to computers. These companies might order replacement cables for certain machines, or they could order cables that will help connect two machines. If the cables are much stronger and more efficient, it is easier for the IT service technician to do their job.

Audio Engineering

Audio engineering professionals can order special cables that will connect microphones or instruments to their equipment. These wires might help connect a soundboard to a computer, or the cables could be created in a cluster. There are special wire harnesses that will prevent damage to cables that are used every day, and these cables could be several hundred yards long if the engineer works in a big venue.


Every industry listed above will benefit from custom cables. You can use these cables to suit your needs, or you could order special cables that will fit in the assembly you have built. Some people have trouble with standard cables that they bought at a store, or you might need a wire harness that will prevent damage to your cables. You can get everything you need, and you can order a brand new design if you like.

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