Without industrial electronics, the world would be in chaos. Trains, ships and planes would be crashing, out of control. This is because industrial electronics is all about timers, transistors, multimeters, AC/DC drives, sensors and meters among others.

Repair work is Always Top Priority

Industrial electronics is essentially about equipment that involves electrical equipment in an industrial setting such as for the automotive industry, construction sites, laboratories, mining, and petroleum plants as examples.  In many cases within these industries, the equipment is irreplaceable and then repair work is highly desired by the industry to ensure the continuation of production.

Organizations want the industrial electronics technicians they call on to be able to repair their electronic manufacturing equipment in whatever industrial facility they find themselves.

Replacing Equipment and Testing It

They expect that these technicians have in-depth knowledge of electronics and electrical equipment. The technicians are responsible for replacing and installing equipment as well. The technicians also have to be able to install electronic equipment making use of different power tools, and then still testing the equipment after installation.

Making use of tools such as PC-based diagnostic software, complex problems are sorted out. Technicians only replace current equipment when they can see that the age of the equipment is hindering functionality.

Rebuild rather than Repair

A company such as ERD Industrial Electronic Repair understands this aspect well – and they stand by their ‘rebuild it rather than just repair it’ slogan. Electronic devices, just like everything else, weakens over time. They then disassemble the devices and the technicians evaluate them for heat damage or wear so as to determine if they must be replaced. They replace many components and it is one of the reasons they’re able to offer a 3-year warranty.

ERD Industrial Electronic Repair technical facility is well rigged out to service your equipment.  They know too well the importance of keeping your business running efficiently but also cost-effectively. They know that there are repair shops that only tackle some equipment, but ERD are clued up to repair all components of industrial electronics, pneumatics and more. They’ve been servicing a full range of products since 1995.

Sophisticated Equipment gets the Work Done

The technicians from ERD have an average 30+ years of electronic repair experience and their repair work covers a complete range of OEM equipment, repaired with the help of their Digital Component Testing Equipment, allowing them to repair units that other facilities would battle with.

One of their strengths is to reclaim old equipment.  ERD is simply the best resource for repairing electronic boards and systems that date way back, even to the 1950s.

Nearly all their electronic repairs are done in-house, and the technicians are able to rebuild or repair units at very reasonable prices – less than half of what the manufacturer charges. This is good news for people concerned for the planet because we all know that when industrial electronics aren’t repaired, they end up in landfills. Good repair work helps this happen much slower.

 Why not call ERD – they will provide you with a quote on the same day.

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