Democrat Kendrick Meek — U.S. congressmen for Florida’s District 17 since 2002, heir to his mother’s political history and candidate for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat — has lagged behind Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist in third place in the polls.

“So,” The Miami Herald reported on Monday, ”five weeks before the primary, the Miami congressman finds himself shoring up support in his own backyard.”

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His seven stops on Sunday included a gospel music-infused church in Lauderdale Lakes, a Miami union hall, and heavily Democratic condominiums in Aventura, Sunrise and Deerfield Beach. Vouching for Meek at most of the stops was Debbie Wasserman Schultz, his popular Democratic colleague representing South Florida in Congress.

“All of a sudden Kendrick had to pivot and ask for the support of people he thought he could have counted on,” said Democratic fundraiser and developer Stephen Bittel, who came to Meek’s appearance in Aventura to show his support.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee supports Meek and doesn’t even list  his Democratic primary challenger Jeff Greene on its website. Greene has outspent and, according to the polls, is closing in on Meek.

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