According to Forbes and its research, 53% of Americans are unhappy at work. Now, this could be for a variety of factors, but employee relations is likely up there.

How well you get along with your employees, and how well they get along with one another, is paramount to helping your business grow. If you have employees that are too shy to speak to one another, who never work collaboratively or who are not on good terms with one another, this can spell disaster.

Employee relations can also speak to how well the management gets along with employees as well. As you can imagine, a negative relationship between the management and its employees can also make for a difficult workplace.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the ways you can improve employee relations in your workplace, be it with each other or with the management.

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1. Team Building Activities

The term “team building activities” may make you think of missed trust falls and other cringe inducing activities. But even the painful ones have a reasoning behind them, and they are actually really good for your company.

Team building activities can help not only promote bonding and team work, but can help employees get to know one another on a personal level. Of course, you’re not asking everyone to become best friends forever and buy one another broken heart “BFF” necklaces, but bonding can promote relationships.

Relationships are the heart of any company, unless everyone is only expected to work on their own without any interaction. Knowing one another is imperative to trust and helping employees lean on each other in projects and during difficult situations.

Your team building activities don’t need to be cheesy. In fact, they can even be really cool. A dinner, a baseball game or an escape room are all excellent ways to promote socialization beyond the four walls of your office.

2. Employ Conflict Resolution

You can’t have several people working together without conflict arising. That’s only natural. And to boot, not everyone at work is going to like one another personally, and that’s also okay.

But, you need a cohesive environment where people can work together, regardless of personal differences they may have. If personal differences get in the way of their ability to carry out their job, then it is time to seek intervention.

Conflict resolution is a great way to do this, and having a neutral party listen to both sides is also ideal.

3. Recognize Your Employees’ Efforts

No one likes to feel undervalued, least of all your employees. While people do work for the paycheck, many people find it unnecessary to stay at a job where they have no recognition.

This prep course recommends that you always recognize a job well done, no matter how big or small. Catch your employees doing something right, and then congratulate them, rather than only berating them for doing something wrong. This makes employees feel seen and valued.

4. Value Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is a phrase that is thrown around a lot in company jargon, but it is very important. This refers to the life employees have outside of work so that their entire lives do not become work.

You can promote work/life balance in a number of ways. One is by giving employees more time off than other companies do. This doesn’t mean to do so to the detriment of your company, but to do so in order to help your employees be more productive.

If employees feel that they’re always at work, it can make the work day drag on. Eventually, they may even become less productive because they’re so annoyed by everything that they have to do at work.

You probably find that taking time off yourself offers you a “reset,” and your employees will find this as well. Offering vacation days, or incentives for good performance can even sweeten the deal.

Employees often come back after being away from the office, other their duties, feeling refreshed and ready to go. They’re more able to tackle things head on if they don’t feel as though they’re constantly slugging away at the office.

5. Encourage Open Communication

Do not foster an atmosphere where your employees are afraid of their boss, or their managers. This only creates further discord and makes it impossible to get things done in a collaborative environment.

While you do need to show at least some authority as the boss, you also need to make sure your employees are comfortable speaking to you about issues. You don’t want them to think they’ll be fired or punished if they come to you with something about their role.

Open dialogue can also encourage your employees to let you know what’s not working in your office environment. This is paramount if you want to make sure you’re productive.

If your employees are afraid to speak up, they’ll never bring anything to your attention: and the squeaky wheel will never get fixed.

Employee Relations are Essential

Employee relations are an essential aspect of running a successful company or business. Without proper relations and communication, you’ll likely find that tensions run high and your workers are not productive. Some may even find your workplace hostile or not ideal, which is the last thing you want for your business.

Make sure you work on your employee relations and take them seriously when it comes to yourself and your staff.

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