Have you ever dreamed of becoming a cyborg?

Running faster, seeing clearer, and jumping farther than your body is capable of on its own is an idea that seems far-fetched even by today’s standards. In reality, the technology to achieve that is already within reach in the form of cybernetic implants.

It may still sound unbelievable, but these implants exist and allow you to do amazing things with your body. You can even see this technology today in transhumanists performing microchipping on their bodies. These implants help alleviate all sorts of afflictions and also give the user functionality only seen in sci-fi films.

Even you can push your body to the limit by becoming a cyborg today.

Read on to learn about the most impressive implants that you can get for yourself

1. Acute Sense of Hearing

Loss of hearing is a real issue and it’s easy to become a victim. Many of today’s lifestyle choices like sitting in traffic and listening to music through earphones exceed the normal limit of the human ear. Being hard of hearing is the best-case scenario you can hope for when subjected to loud variables.

Thanks to medical machining, though, you can have a superhuman-like sense of hearing with no repercussions. Medical machining implants are small components for your ears to replace the organic parts inside. These are more durable than their organic counterparts.

Machining manufacturers also create other small implements that are valuable components in cybernetic implants. They use ultra-precise machinery to insert these into your body. This removes any worry of injury during the implanting process.

2. Glucose Control

Diabetics only had 1 way to track their glucose levels before, by pricking their fingers. This method is unreliable, though, as it only reads their sugar levels while they’re in a relaxed state. It was a consistent reading because it didn’t read the times where it spiked like during their meals.

Nowadays, you can keep track of your glucose levels with the help of nanoparticle tattoos. These glucose-sensitive nanoparticles work by flaring up when they detect an increase in glucose levels. It then signals a device that can read their fluorescing via infrared signals.

It tracks the signals in real-time, allowing you to have an accurate read of your sugar levels at any time. You get these into your body through injection, or you can also get them through tattoos.

Many licensed tattoo artists have permission to inject these into your body. This is a great method since you need to get re-injected within six months. It’s a great way to retouch your tattoos and have a continuous track of your sugar levels.

3. Artificial Telepathy

Ever wanted to talk to people without using your words? How about your pets? Do you want to send them your thoughts so they can understand what you want them to do?

While it’s still not perfect, you can have artificial telepathy via brain-interfacing. Many companies are coming up with ways for you to send messages without making a sound. Even NASA is doing their part to create a device that sends subvocal messages to others.

Some implants aim to provide you with a mental typewriter to convert thoughts into text. It can help a person interface with a computer even without touching a keyboard or anything of the sort. This provides handicapped people with a way to cope with their disabilities.

Soon enough, anyone can interface with another sentient mind. You can use this to issue commands or communicate without the need for speech.

4. Super Strength

Researchers developed artificial muscles that are 100 times stronger than any organic muscle. It was in the mid-2000s that they developed these polymer muscles for human use. The only problem was that there was no way for humans to use these as their muscles.

Its main issue is the synthetic muscle’s power source. It uses alcohol and hydrogen to power up itself to perform these amazing feats. The power sources would prove lethal to any human if pumped into the bloodstream.

There’s still hope of getting these muscles into your body, though. Technology continues to advance and there’s no telling if a solution will come up soon. With these muscles, you’ll be able to run and swim faster, jump higher, and avoid any minor injury coming your way.

5. RFID Chips

These chips allow you to do anything with a literal touch of a finger. This is possible thanks to RFID chips.

RFID chips are small enough to implant in any part of your body. These work by transmitting radio waves for electronic devices to pick up. With smart TVs and smartphones popular today, you can interface with everything.

You can adjust them to respond to certain waves, too. Doing this means you don’t interfere with other electronics in your area. It’s a good way to keep your functionality to yourself and to perform only certain tasks.

By having these cyborg implants, have wireless transactions with any RFID-optimized bank. You can even unlock your doors without reaching for your keys. The possibilities are endless and you can do them all by having a chip inserted today.

6. Superhuman Vision

Getting a cyborg implant in your eye can help you in different ways. Many implants act like a contact lens and allow you to have perfect vision even without your glasses. These are also more manageable since it is a semi-permanent solution to your eyesight.

This means you don’t need to remove it before you sleep or to refresh your eyes. These implants adhere to the eye’s natural lens instead.

Other than vision enhancement, implants also help those with vision impairment. From color blindness to astigmatism, there are implants for any problem. It’s also a good long-term investment as it safeguards you against cataracts.

7. Anti-Epilepsy Brain Implant

Many people suffer from psychological ailments including epilepsy and mania. These can affect a person’s everyday life a lot and can even be fatal. What’s great is that there’s an implant that relieves the brain from some of these ailments.

It works by melting into the brain and conforming to its shape. This thin implant then sticks a network of electrodes to your brain. It reads the electro-magnetic pulses your brain gives off and records them.

It then gives off pulses to help correct any anomaly the brain experiences. This is invaluable in preventing any epileptic episode the person may have.

Future developments hope to improve on recording your brain activity. This can help you remember the dreams you had at night. It can also record patterns that help you predict if a seizure is coming.

8. Artificial Spine

Implants can also help a handicapped individual overcome their disability. A flexible material called the e-Dura acts like an artificial spine. Attaching it to the actual spine helps the brain send signals to the rest of the body.

This is possible with the help of electrical and chemical stimulation. The implant picks up any chemical stimulants the brain sends to the body. It converts it into electrical signals to cause the rest of the body to respond to the brain’s commands.

Any area not controlled by the spine because of injury will also respond. This means paralytics can walk again this way if accompanied by physical therapy.

This can also apply to any prosthetics attached to the body. Since it sends electrical pulses, this means it will work on modern prosthetics. This helps the prosthetics to give a smooth response as if it’s the person’s real limb.

9. Body Clock Control

Military-issued ADAPTERS are implants that help control a soldier’s body clock. These are mandatory for them since jet lag can affect their performance. The ADAPTER works by having a device injected into the body or ingested.

An external switch, available to the soldier, can activate it at any time. The ADAPTER releases substances that trigger the body’s “mealtime clock.” It makes the brain think the body already had its final meal of the day and prepares the body for sleep.

The ADAPTER also helps in aiding in ingestion on the field. If the soldier is unsure of the water or their rations, they can activate the ADAPTER. It then releases bacteria that protect the stomach from any harmful foreign body.

10. Wireless Birth Control

Birth control is always tricky since contraceptives aren’t always 100% effective. Traditional contraceptives can fail and result in unplanned parenthood. If you have an implanted microchip instead, though, you can be certain of your birth control.

Once under your skin, the implant releases hormones to provide foolproof birth control. This works for up to 16 years and you can control it via remote.

11. Pseudo-Immortality

Pacemakers are a thing of the past compared to the heart sleeve. This implant is a thin material that fits your heart like a glove. It has electrodes that surround the heart to aid it in pumping blood across your body.

This sleeve also keeps your heart pumping in rhythm through anything. The continuous supply to your organs helps prevent cardiac arrest and the like.

Turn Yourself Into a Cyborg With These Amazing Cybernetic Implants

Many implants can help save your life or improve it. Take a step closer into the world of science fiction with cybernetic implants today!

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