Almost 20% of Americans suffer from anxiety every single year.

Anxiety can make travel feel nearly impossible. If you have wanderlust, then don’t let your this mental block hold you back.

All you need to do is develop a few tricks to help calm your mind before and during your traveling.

Figure out which aspects of the trip scare you the most and then work on developing habits to reduce your travel anxiety around these experiences.

1. Develop a Mental Health Kit

This could consist of a small purse full of things that will help calm your anxiety. For example, a small bottle of lavender oil or even a sachet of lavender flowers to sniff and help you relax.

You may choose medications that will instantly make you feel better or serve as a comfort blanket to just know they’re there.

Include a sleep mask, headphones, a sick bag, a picture of a place or person that makes you feel calm, and relaxing CBD products.

Check out to find out more about the best CBD products to purchase for anxiety.

2. Learn New Breathing Exercises

Before you begin traveling, find a breathing exercise that helps to calm you down. There are hundreds of different methods to try.

Why not go to a yoga class before you begin your travels? Yoga is proven to help reduce anxiety and it’s a great way to learn new breathing techniques.

Alternatively, try box breathing which involves breathing in for the count of four, holding it for four, breathing out for four, and holding it for four.

Consider downloading a meditation app or podcast which will help you focus on your breath while traveling.

3. Find Useful Distractions

If you’re afraid of flying or traveling by train, then one of the best ways to calm yourself down is by completely distracting your mind.

Downloading films onto your phone or tablet is a great way to take your mind somewhere else.

Choose a comedy or something that you’ve seen and enjoyed before. This way you will be distracted by won’t need to focus too much.

Alternatively, you may choose to read a book, complete a puzzle, or listen to soothing music.

4. Avoid Alcohol Completely

Although you may find that alcohol helps to relax you in the moment, ultimately it is not your friend. Alcohol can exacerbate anxiety and make you feel worse when the effects wear off.

Instead, drink chamomile or green tea if possible. Before you travel, try eating a healthy meal of salmon and leafy greens to help you relax.

Make sure to completely avoid deep-fried food! You may also want to consider working out beforehand to release energy and ramp up your endorphins.

Don’t Let Travel Anxiety Defeat Your Dreams

Picture where you would like to go and let that image help you overcome your travel anxiety. It is perfectly normal to feel anxious about traveling. Just know you are not alone.

If you’re struggling, speak to your doctor about medication that could help you. Furthermore, develop a regular meditation routine and find the best distractions for you.

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