Drug use has become an epidemic in this country. Roughly 10% of Americans will have a drug problem at some point in their lives. 12% will suffer from alcohol dependence.

The good news is that drug use is falling year after year, as is under-aged drinking. However, drinking as a whole seems to be holding steady.

Every little change counts for something, though, and one person getting sober would be a step in the right direction. If you’re among those battling addiction, this could be your chance to get sober.

We’ll talk about some of the benefits of sobriety in this article.

1. Sobriety Feels Better

Getting sober can make you feel much better. Not only do you eliminate the cravings and hangovers in your life, but your overall health tends to improve as well.

One change that you might notice is weight loss. Unsurprisingly, drinking puts alcohol into our bodies. Alcohol is a great source of fuel, so our bodies will burn it before anything else.

When alcohol is burned away, other things aren’t. This includes sugars and lipids, among other nutrients. Any nutrients in our body that aren’t burned away are instead stored as fat, which can cause alcoholics to gain weight.

When alcohol is no longer in the body, it goes back to burning other ingredients, which cuts down on existing fats.

2. Save Money

Addiction is expensive, and it gets more expensive the longer you use. An alcoholic may get drunk very quickly in the early stages. As they continue to drink, their body will build up a tolerance.

They’ll need even more alcohol to feel the same effects, which will lead to more money being spent. It’s a familiar pattern that tends to develop in all forms of addiction.

Add to this the amount of money spent on things related to alcohol, like the taxis you pay for when you need a ride home, or the extra things you buy in the store to mask the fact that you’re just there to buy liquor.

3. Relationships Improve

Kids who grow up with alcoholic parents are more likely to become alcoholics themselves. That’s just one way that addiction affects those around you.

Being close to an addict is heartbreaking. Addicts may ask for money a lot, or even steal. Friends and family often wonder if their loved on is going to make it home alive.

Once you get sober, all of that goes away, and you’ll have some inspiring stories to tell when you accept your aa chips.

Why You Should Get Sober

You may notice many positive changes in your life once you get sober. We’ve talked about just a few changes you can expect in this article.

However, this is far from all of them. There’s a lot more great news to learn about, and we encourage you to do more research on your own. It’s a great way to get motivated.

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