Did you think you were done wearing backpacks forever once you graduated from high school or college?

As recently as just a few years ago, the idea of adults wearing backpacks out in public was pretty laughable. After all, they didn’t have to carry textbooks around, so what exactly would be the purpose of doing it?

But these days, adult backpacks are all the rage and more adults are wearing them than ever before. From those who use them to carry around their work to those who simply like the look of them, adults are wearing backpacks for all kinds of reasons.

When worn right, a professional backpack can look great and give you a place to keep all of your things.

But before you start wearing one, take a look at these important fashion tips for wearing Florida backpacks.

Steer Clear of Backpacks With Crazy Designs and Colors

You might be a 28-year-old who loves Mickey Mouse. Or a 38-year-old who loves SpongeBob SquarePants. Or a 48-year-old who loves The Simpsons.

That doesn’t mean you need to broadcast it to the world on the back of your backpack!

While a backpack with an animated character on it may have been just fine when you were 11, it’s going to send the wrong message to the world now that you’re an adult. You’re going to look like you’re bringing your son or daughter’s backpack to them at school whenever you’re walking around.

Similarly, you’re going to send the wrong message to the world if you choose a backpack with crazy designs or colors on it. Anything that is too busy is going to clash with whatever you’re wearing and give people a bad impression of you.

You should opt for adult backpacks that are one solid color and that don’t have any designs on them. Additionally, your backpack should be made out of a high-quality material like leather or waxed canvas.

Cora + Spink has some amazing options that’ll provide you with all the benefits of a backpack while still making you look like a grown-up.

Stay Away from Backpacks That are Too Large

One of the advantages that you’ll get to enjoy while carrying adult backpacks is that they’ll give you a place to carry around everything you need.

That said, you shouldn’t actually carry around everything you could possibly need, and you also shouldn’t purchase a backpack that is too big in size.

A large backpack will prove to be heavier than it needs to be. It’ll also encourage you to carry around things that you won’t actually need when you have what amounts to camping gear on your back.

You’ll look silly carrying a bulky backpack with you everywhere, and you’ll also be reminded of how awful it used to be to walk around with all of your textbooks on your back.

Skip the big backpacks and choose smaller and more compact ones instead.

Look for a Backpack That Fits Your Profession

Are you a family photographer who likes to have fun when you’re out shooting with clients? You might be able to get away with an adult backpack that’s a little on the more stylish side.

But if you’re an accountant looking to carry a backpack, you’re better off going with something more low-key that won’t completely clash with the shirt and tie you wear every day.

Consider your profession and try picking out a professional backpack that will work well with what you do.

Avoid Dressing Too Casual When Wearing Your Backpack

If you’re going to carry around a backpack on a daily basis and try to get people to take you seriously, you should avoid pairing it up with casual outfits.

You’re going to have a hard time convincing people you’re a functioning adult if you spend most of your days running around in sweatpants and hoodies with a backpack on.

You don’t necessarily need to pair an adult backpack up with a suit every day. But you should try and dress up a bit on the days you’re going to use your backpack.

It’ll make your backpack look a lot more refined when you’re wearing something nice along with it.

Find the Right Way to Wear Your Backpack

Does your professional backpack look best when you:

  • Wear it with both straps over your shoulders?
  • Wear it with one strap over one of your shoulders?
  • Carry it by its handle?
  • Carry it under your arm?

There are so many different ways to hold Florida backpacks. You should try each of them on for size and see which looks best to you based on your build and body type.

What works for one person might not necessarily work for another. And while some people might be able to pull more than one look off, there will be one that will be best for you.

You should find the one that’s best and stick with it. It’ll make you look professional while wearing your backpack.

Customize Your Backpack to Make It Unique to You

When you were a kid, you probably customized your backpack by adding patches, keychains, and more to it.

Don’t do it now. It’ll look like you’re trying to relive your teen years if you go too overboard.

But there are some fun ways you can customize adult backpacks to make them stand out without going too far.

You can:

  • Monogram your initials on your professional backpack
  • Purchase a high-end solid pompom to add a bit of flair
  • Choose the right keychain to fit your profession

Customization isn’t always necessary on Florida backpacks., and of course, you should avoid trying too hard with it. But it is one way to show others that you’re invested in making your backpack your own.

Purchase the Best Adult Backpacks Today

Wearing adult backpacks isn’t for everyone. There are some adults who just won’t look right with one on.

But if you think you can pull the look off, there’s no better time to do it than right now. There are many people wearing them and proving that they do, in fact, have a place in the professional world.

Read our blog to find more fashion tips that will help you dress your best fashion blog.

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