The market today is flooded with a wide variety of lingerie. They come in distinctive designs and amazing styles. It is critical to choose the right bra, in terms of shape and size. Different bras suit different budgets and are made of different materials and fabric. It could be pretty challenging to identify the right bra as per your unique requirements because comfort must be the most crucial factor to consider while choosing your bra. Several women are found complaining all the time that they are finding it difficult to track the right bra that is of a comfortable fit. As such they may keep fidgeting all the time with whatever outfits they wear due to discomfort. You could prevent this sort of a situation by avoiding some frequently made mistakes while doing bra shopping and selection.

Buying the Wrong Size

You must choose the perfect size when it comes to buying bras. A size that is too tight or small or an oversized bra is not what you are looking for. You must know your measurements and check the dimensions before choosing a bra for yourself. According to, “A bra that fits well can do more than just help you look good—it can also make you feel healthier. A bra that’s too big, too small or just doesn’t fit right can cause back pain, irritate your skin and generally make you feel uncomfortable.”

Choosing the Wrong Band Size

More bra specialists firmly believe that one of the most common mistakes made by almost all women is to rely on smaller cup size and larger band size. In the event your band is really loose and ill-fitted, your bra will lose its grip and would not be able to provide the perfect lift and support. The best test is to try and insert a couple of fingers in between the band and your back if the fingers could find their way in, you need to buy a smaller band size. Focus on both the cup size and the band size before investing in a new bra. Buy the best bras for ladies from an exclusive collection online.

Try the Theory of the Last Hook

Bras could be getting stretched to almost three inches after regular usage. So it is important for you to shift to the next pair of hooks. It is important while choosing the bra to examine the fit from the last or the outermost hook instead of the inner ones. You must ensure that you have the option of tightening the bra sometime later when due to constant use the bra becomes really loose.

Do Not Overuse

There is no point using bra overtime. You may love one special bra of yours as it seems to be your perfect fit. However, that does not mean that you would go on using the same bra over again and again. You need to give the bra some breathing space after you use the bra for an entire day. It is important to give your favorite bra a break so that it regains its elasticity to a great extent after a day’s of complete layoff and rest. If you are continuously wearing your favorite bra, things could become incredibly unhygienic. Moreover, the bra’s elastic would simply go out of shape.

Instructions & Washing Care

You must remember to rinse your bra, in cold water only, and never in warm water. This is simply because your bra’s elastic will remain good when washed with cold water but it would lose its elasticity if rinsed in warm water. The elastic would become loose forever and the bra would be totally ruined. No need to wash your bras in special detergents meant for woolen clothes as these tend to soften the elastic. Moreover, do not wash your bras in a washing machine instead hand wash gently. Machine wash could prove to be harsh on the delicate fabric. If you want to wash your bras in a machine then remember to run the machine in a delicate or gentle cycle.

Choosing a Bra Style

Finding the best bra suited to your unique requirements is certainly not an easy task. Your bra could make a lovely outfit look perfect on you. So choosing the right bra is of utmost importance. Let us examine the best bra for different shapes or breast profiles.


If you have naturally full and well-rounded breasts, you may often encounter the issue of spillage. As a result of your bust’s fullness, it is difficult to find the bra with the right neckline as most of the necklines would be cutting into your bust and resulting in a bulge over the bra. Your naturally gorgeous curves could be accentuated by wearing the perfect high coverage bras.


If your bust seems to be naturally full near the top and heavier near the bottom, you seem to be having a teardrop shaped breast type. Sagging could be a major issue with this specific breast profile. It is best to choose under-wired bras for ultimate comfort.


You must be truly blessed if you have oval breasts that are firm and full. You could wear whatever bra you wish and yet look hot every time. You could choose a padded bra or a non-padded one, a wired or an under-wired one, low coverage or a high coverage one. You would be totally spoilt for choice. You would go crazy while choosing from a broad spectrum of choices.


Suppose your breasts are pretty shallow near the top and quite firm too, you have a conically shaped bust line. You require no enhancement as you already have a fabulous natural shape. However, it is best to steer clear of three-fourth or full coverage bras.


Most women are happy to use the same kind of lingerie for special occasions too. However, all types of lingerie are not compatible with all occasions. Lingerie just like other attires is occasion-specific. You must wear a totally different bra while you are at a beach as compared to a bra you would be wearing to the gym. You must choose your bra according to the purpose and occasion.

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