In today’s world, advertising brands aren’t always reaching out to TV networks and posting on billboards to have their products advertised. With the influx of social media influencers, many companies are reaching out to popular social media influencers instead.

However, it’s often difficult to find the best influencers to work with. Thankfully, that’s what influencing marketing platforms are here for. They are used to connect you with the numerous social media sensations that are out there.

Check out the information below to learn more about the top influencer marketing platforms.

What Are Influencer Marketing Platforms?

Marketing platforms for influencers is a venue where influencers and brands can mingle with each other. Some function as absolute intermediaries, allowing you to negotiate with the influencer and pay them.

Some also encourage you to share all the files through the website allowing you to avoid giving up your email address and other details. On the contrary, others are nothing more than a directory of influencers who offer their services.

No matter their level of service, each of these networks has accounts of influencers for you to choose from.

As previously stated, each of these influencer marketing platforms has something unique to offer brands and influencers. Here are some of the most popular networks:

1. Clever

Since it’s marketed as a full-service influencer marketing firm, Clever has a distinct strategy from other influencer marketing sites. Unfortunately, it’s not a forum for self-service. Rather, you hire the business and let them do the majority of the work to create “custom content.”

Furthermore, this work is performed mainly using amateur influencers.

That means that Clever is not dealing with influencers who can easily gather their own clients. Instead, they are a perfect way to get acquainted with the upcoming influencers.

Clever uses a number of platforms to achieve client objectives. They recruit influencers on Pinterest, Vimeo, TikTok, and blogs, as well as the regular Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube platforms. Efficiency and compliance are guaranteed to you, therefore you are free to handle other business affairs.

2. Activate

‘This platform’s age is the greatest thing about it because predates the “influencer marketing” concept before it became popular. Activate was created back in the day to help bloggers monetize their blogs.

It’s now one of the most extensive marketing channels for influencers. Check the archive by niche, area, and audience size and you’ll find more than 75,000 influencers.

Use the Activate studio to design the best possible advertising plan for the influencers that you connect with.

Activate also helps you to control communications with your influencers and build rapport with them.


With IZEA, you can use their forum to do exactly what you need to do. Their services vary from paying just for entry to their portal, all the way to ordering completely serviced promotional campaigns. You also have access to the accounts of over 5 million influencers via the Discovery Suite.

On the other hand, you can try out the Unity Suite, which is basically a marketing software for campaigns. Managed services can be selected where all of your business needs are handled for you.

As a plus, IZEA influencers operate on all of the big social media sites like TikTok and Instagram.

4. Social Bakers

Socialbakers is an all-in-one approach that is more comprehensive than traditional influencer marketing channels. It begins by helping to find influencers, but it relies on more than just the paid influencers.

Instead, they look to identify established brand supporters. Socialbakers lets you determine your ultimate social media marketing approach using the greatness of AI. This feature encourages you to develop a marketing strategy for influencers using a specific formula.

Much of this entails social listening and analytics for the user. This platform also helps you to avoid manipulation from influencers and all of the other complications that come along with this type of networking.

The number of influencers they’re partnered with is not clear, but they work with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

5. Upfluence

The only network that allows you to find influencers who are already passionate about your goods and services is Upfluence. This is because in addition to taking registrations, they scour through authentic social media posts. That’s not to suggest they don’t have a lot of influencers.

Actually, Upfluence has over 3 million influencers. Plus, they literally collaborate with all networks to take registrations of anyone with verifiable influence on social media.

Furthermore, the analytics will help you find the best candidates to successfully run your promotions. Upfluence will also supply you with analyses to assist you in evaluating your ROI in influencer marketing.

6. Tagger

Tagger is a platform to try out for those who want a resource that’s both comprehensive and easy to use. In 70 nations, Tagger has combined predictive data on 3.5 million influencers and taken inventory of their followers. You can use Tagger’s advanced search filters that’ll assist you with finding the right fit for your brand.

Plus, you can control all of your contact with network influencers and see all of the metrics at a glance.

7. Heepsy

If you’re searching for highly automated marketing network for influencers, try out Heepsy. This SaaS website provides you with connections to over 7 million influencers, and it gives their AI-collected statistics. Heepsy focuses on Instagram small influencers that are compensated with free stuff. Their goal is to help the rookies monetize.

However, other social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and blogs are also connected with Heepsy.

As a perk, this network will also support you with outreach and social listening. Overall, this platform is perfect for tiny companies that are new to marketing to influencers.

In addition to the influencer marketing platforms listed above also check out Market Your Biz to learn more about how they can help your business.

Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing Platform

There’s no easier way to connect with social media influencers than using influencer marketing platforms. There are numerous ones that you can choose from, so it’s easy to find a network that suits your needs.

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