Canada is among the top ten countries, where it is easiest to start a business. The country is extremely rich in natural resources and has an extremely skilled workforce and a stable government. Immigration to Canada is a high desire for entrepreneurs.

Canada is looking for newcomers with entrepreneurial experience, talents, and innovation to start, manage, or buy a business.

Due to the new foreign investment, Canada can ensure continued success through diversification and development.

Suppose you want to invest in your future and immigrate to Canada with your business. In that case, you have several visa options, namely the General Startup Visa Program and the Provincially Focused Nominee Program. If you can apply for business immigration, you and your family can move to Canada together. Here are some tips for getting Immigration to Canada.

Start-Up Visa Program

Start-Up Visa Program

The Canadian Startup Visa Program offers permanent Immigration to Canada for eligible persons.

This program focuses on novel entrepreneurs and connects them to those wishing to invest in Canada to start their own startup business.

Candidates may enter on a work permit with the support of an appointed investor based in Canada until they are able to obtain permanent residency once their enterprise is operational.

For expert help, it is recommended that you consider the services of a regulated Canadian immigration consultant who can help meet your specific needs. Practice shows that issues with work agreements and documents are one of the most time-consuming and tough to get right.

Who Can Apply for immigration to Canada?

To be eligible for a Startup Visa, you must:

Have A Business That Qualifies

In order to have a business that qualifies one need to ensure that their business meets the following conditions, while you receive commitments from an appointed organization:

  • Each applicant owns at least 10 percent of the total number of votes with regards to the shares of the corporation in circulation during that period (up to 5 persons may act as owners).
  • The applicants and the appointed organization together should have more than 50 percent of the voting rights with regards to the shares of the corporation in circulation at that time.

Have A Supporting Letter From An Organization

You should receive a supporting letter directly from the organization (a business-related group approved to support and invest in potential startups).

It would be best if you did the following:

  • Contact the organization and ask how you can get their support
  • Convince them that your business idea is worthy of investment
  • Ask the organization for a supporting letter

For each organization, the method of presenting an idea is different and they each have their specific requirements. You may have to personally present your business idea or they may request a comprehensive business plan.

If you reach an agreement with the designated organization, they will send you a letter of support. You will need to include this letter in your application. It is proof that a venture capital fund, angel investor group, or business incubator supports your business idea.

Your application will be evaluated with a letter of support and a commitment certificate that the organization will send you. You may be asked to provide more detailed business information for your application’s final decision.

If there is no supporting letter or you have not complied with any other requirement, your application will be rejected.

While your permanent residence application is in process, you may apply for temporary work permits and start establishing your business.

Language Requirements

The ability to communicate and work in French, English or both languages will help your business succeed in Canada.

You must pass a language test at an approved agency and attach your results to your application. Otherwise, it will not be considered.

You should obtain at least the minimum level of the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 5 in English or French in all of the following four areas:

  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing

You can use your results to find your CLB level. If you do not meet the minimum language requirements, your application will be rejected.

Bring Enough Money To Settle

The Canadian government will not provide financial support for new immigrants who begin to apply for visas. So you need enough money for immigration to Canada.

When you apply, it is required that you prove you have money to support yourself and your dependents once you arrive in Canada.

You are not permitted to borrow this money from another person. The amount you need depends on your family’s size, and these amounts are updated each year.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Provincial Nominee Programs

Most Canadian provinces have established two types of provincial nomination programs also known as PNPs in order to help speed up the immigration to Canada process following provincial needs.

The first option is a skilled worker program. This program speeds up the immigration process for workers who are skilled and who have employment from an enterprise within the province, working in a professional sector, that fulfills all of the provincial requirements.

The second option is the business immigration program. Almost all of the PNP business immigration programs can speed up the immigration to Canada process if the person applying fulfills one of the following requirements within the particular province:

  • Creates a new business
  • Invests money
  • Starts a partnership with an enterprise in the province

If you need help to make the process smooth and straightforward, you can consider an RCIC Canada to assist you.

Eligibility For A Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial nomination programs in Canada may select families or family members who desire to set up a life in their territory or province depending on the province’s criteria.

Individual provinces and territories establish their criteria for participation in provincial nomination programs. For instance, a province may prioritize provincial candidates who have experience in a specific domain, whereas another province may prioritize provincial candidates with French expertise.

To be selected as a provincial candidate, candidates must prove that they fulfill all the requirements. This proves that the candidate has the necessary skills, qualifications, and experience to positively impact the local community and economy.

An application will be considered according to the particular province’s needs and the applicant’s intention to establish themself in the province.

Applying For A Provincial Nominee Program

All immigration-related decisions are made by the federal government and not the provincial government. Therefore, an NPM is a process that consists of two parts.

Firstly, you must apply to the province for your provincial nomination. If the province approves you, you can then submit your second application to the federal government to obtain your permanent residency.

Here are a few instructions to follow when applying for your chosen PNP:

  • Learn about your rights: Use the PNP Live Tracker to determine available PNPs and find out if you are eligible for any of the available options.
  • Fill out the Provincial Nominee Program Application: Apply to a province or territory.
  • Get Provincial Nomination Certificate: once your application is complete, you will receive a Provincial Nomination certificate that allows you to proceed to the following stage.
  • Apply for permanent residency: submit an application to the federal government to obtain permanent residency in Canada.

How Does the Provincial Nominee Program Work?

When one wishes to apply for permanent residence using a PNP, you must choose between two options:

  • Contact the province or territory directly
  • The process associated with express login

Direct Application Process

In order to submit a provincial nomination directly to the province of your choice, you will be required to submit a paper application by courier or mail.

It is usually a lengthy process, which can take anywhere between 15 and 19 months to determine if your application has been accepted.

Express Entry Application Process

There are two ways on the route connected with the express entrance:

  • Expression of interest: when you create an “Express Entry” profile, you can express interest in a particular province or territory. It allows a province to select your profile directly from the Express Entry lottery pool and send you a PN, provided you have the skills and experience they are looking for
  • Apply through the provinces: Almost every province in Canada has an express stream, along with a list of popular professions.

The advantages here are faster immigration to Canada processing, on average about six to eight months, and a greater chance of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

To Sum Up

To Sum Up

Canada is undoubtedly one of the most popular countries for immigration globally. It is no wonder that Canada annually welcomes almost hundreds of thousands of new immigrants to its borders.

Canada is working hard to help immigrants assimilate by providing orientation programs, skills training, social services, and citizenship pathways. And there are RCIC professionals who are ready to help you immigrate. Especially in such turbulent times when COVID-19 is imposing ever-changing rules, professional help would be needed.

This support level has helped make Canada one of the most desirable destinations for entrepreneurs with high immigrant satisfaction and naturalization rates.

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