The temperatures in Jackson, MS, could drop to 38 F during winter. Bats are known to prefer such mild temperatures. So, they could infest your Jackson, MS, property during winters. Before you think about removing them from your house, you need to determine if bats have become a problem in the first place.

If you do have a bat problem, it would be wise to hire professionals specializing in pest control Jackson MS, to take care of the issue. You may want to try some DIY measures from Youtube, but hiring pest control services is the best way to handle any pest problem, especially bats.

The following steps will help you identify any bat problems in your household so that you can take proper action before it gets too severe.

Tips To Identify Bat Problems

1. Look For Bat Droppings In Your Home

Look For Bat Droppings In Your Home

First, look for droppings in familiar places around your house, such as in the kitchen, near a garbage bin, or inside a bedroom closet. If you find droppings on or below floor level, this is most likely where the bats enter the building.

If there are a lot of feces present, especially with fresh urine stains, then you may be dealing with an infestation.

2. Listen For Scratching Or Scurrying Sounds

If you hear scratching sounds like tiny claws digging into wood or if you hear scurrying in walls or ceilings, then this is most likely where the bats are roosting inside your house. Bats make these types of noises when they’re looking for a way out of their current living spaces.

3. Find Out If You Have Any Openings On The Exterior Of Your Home

There may be openings on the exterior part of your home that allow bats to enter. Check around the fireplace, shutters, dampers, and roofs, as these are all common areas where bats may look to your home.

You can patch holes in the roof with steel wool to prevent the animals from re-entering the building if they’re not coming in through an open doorway or window.

4. Check Windows And Doors

Also, check around the windows and doors of your Jackson, MS, home to ensure they’re secure enough to prevent bats from entering. If you cannot find any openings on the exterior part of your house, then there’s a chance that the animals are getting into your attic or walls from somewhere else, such as from any openings in the roof or walls.

5. Look For Bat Poop Inside Attics

Bats produce nearly twice as much poop as rodents do, so if you come across many droppings along beams and rafters in your attic space, this is most likely where they live during the day.

You may also discover these types of stains on insulation near where the animal’s roost, which will serve as a good indicator about their living areas inside your home.

6. Determine Bat Species

Determine Bat Species

The two types of bats which are most likely to enter structures are Little Brown Bats and Big Browns. Once you identify the species of bats roosting inside your home, it’ll make it easier for you to remove them using one of many bat extermination techniques.

To identify bats flying around your area, watch for their distinct flight patterns and listen for a high-pitched squeaking sound from the attic.

7. Look For Dead Bats

If you find a dead bat in your attic or somewhere around your house, it may be an indication of a bat infestation in your home. Unfortunately, you may not be able to tell whether the animal was killed after entering your house or if it died from natural causes while roosting in your attic.

Hence, it is important to get a pest control professional in Jackson to take a look and examine your home for more signs of an infestation.

What You Can Do About It

What You Can Do About It

If you’ve confirmed that there are openings on the exterior part of your house, invents, or at eaves that allow bats to enter inside, then look for ways to seal them off using hardware cloth.

It’s also possible that they’re coming in through a chimney so check for cobwebs and guano stains around it before starting a fire to ensure the animals won’t get inside.

While you can try your best to keep the bats out, it is always advisable to enlist the help of professionals.

So, once you’ve identified that you have a bat infestation issue in your property, you must immediately call professionals specializing in pest control in Jackson, MS. These professionals have years of experience, and know precisely how to deal with the bat problem.

They have not only the knowledge but also the resources to effectively and permanently deal with the bat infestation and ensure they don’t return.

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