If you’re remodeling your bathroom, then you’ve probably decided to buy one of the many contemporary vanities available. Straight lines, geometric shapes, and a variety of finishes are just some of the defining characteristics of a modern vanity.

Modern bathroom vanity is clean, simple, and streamlined. But these types of vanities can lack storage space. And if there aren’t any drawers or compartments for storing extra hair brushes or soap dispensers, then the modern design loses its sleek points.

Read on to find out how you can maximize the space you have.

1. Open Shelves

Open Shelves

Open shelves also provide quick and easy access to items, making for great convenience and organization. Considerย bathroom organization by grouping items by type and color on each shelf to make finding them even easier. Adding floating shelves to the wall or behind the sink can create extra storage.

2. Simple Doored Cabinets

Cabinets can come in various depths as well as various heights. Allowing you to use all the available space. Choose freestanding cabinets with a variety of shelf depths to make the most of the space and to store items of varying heights easily. Fit pull-outs and tilt-out doors to maximize their storage potential.

3. Shaped and Shallow Drawers

Shaped shallow drawers are one of the most creative, effective, and space-saving storage ideas to maximize a modern bathroom vanity. They are versatile and fit wonderfully in hard-to-reach and often overlooked areas like those above the toilet.

4. Thin Drawers

Thin drawers save space as long as there is enough room to hold your items. Utilize thinner drawers and straps to store items such as erasers and makeup brushes. Be creative in finding new bathroom storage solutions that maximize your modern bathroom vanity.

5. Double Drawers

Double Drawers

Double drawers are great for containing large bottles and supplies such as bathing soap, lotions, cleaners, and shampoos. Double drawers also allow for the segregation of items in a neat and organized manner. You can put makeup and medicines in the top drawer, while the bottom drawer can be used to store utilities such as toilet rolls.

6. Vertical Pull-Outs

Perfectly designed to fit any size sink, from small to large, these vertical pull-outs will give you the extra storage you are looking for and help make your bathroom sleek and stylish.ย It’s a great addition if you’re going through the process ofย bathroom remodeling.

7. Tip-Out Drawers

Tipout drawers don’t require much extra space as they’re fitted to the side of the vanity, leaving plenty of other storage room in your vanity. The drawers provide easy access to whatever is stored in them and can be used to further organize items in your bathroom.

8. Toe-Kick Drawers

Bathroom Vanity

Installing toe-kick drawers lets you organize and store more items close to the vanity without taking up space. The drawers pull out easily and allow you to access your items easily without bending down. Toe-kick drawers come in a range of styles, colors, and sizes to match any modern bathroom vanity.

Upgrade Your Modern Bathroom Vanity Today

An organized storage system in your modern bathroom vanity can take your bathroom aesthetic to the next level. Remember to stay organized and have durable craftsmanship when selecting your storage solutions. Provided with the right system, you can gain precious floor and counter space, giving you a luxurious and well-designed bathroom in no time.

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