What’s the first weapon that comes to your mind when shopping for guns? The answer depends on where you’re from. Kalashnikov is notorious among the Russians while Mauser Gewehr 98 is the German’s favorite. You won’t be surprised if we told you that the AR-15 is the most popular variant in the United States which is true as around 5 to 12 million units are produced each year. However, recently there is one gun that is selling like hotcakes and it’s going to surprise you because it’s the Interstate Arms IAC 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotguns.

In the United States, a shotgun is the first thing that comes to mind when purchasing a weapon for the security of one’s home. We’ve all seen it in the movies, the main protagonist reaching out for a shotgun at the bedside upon hearing intruders breaking in the house. Even in the news, you’ll see a burglar breaking into a house only to be restrained by the mighty shotgun. So, what is it about the gun that has everyone running to their local gun store to get their hands on one?

Why do Americans prefer getting a shotgun?

A recent report has stated that there are around 100 million guns more than the entire population of the United States. This means that every person in the States has at least one gun. The year 2020 saw 40 million guns being purchased across the country. With the numbers climbing, the one dominating the sales is the supreme shotgun.

Why do Americans prefer getting a shotgun

The question starts to develop around Americans and their love for a shotgun. The country is a huge hunting ground for all sorts of predators, be it humans or animals. In the urban areas where there is no person in sight for miles, the risk of animal predators looming around the area is high. Citizens buy a shotgun for the maximum spread it offers on a single fire. This is perfect for close-range combat. If you’re ambushed in your own home or surrounded by animals, then the shotgun is the perfect weapon to talk some sense into the wild critters.

The urban area is not only a hunting ground for animals but is where most break-ins occur. You’ve all seen the movies. A killer on the loose ends up terrorizing a house in the middle of nowhere. These things happen. According to the 2017 statistics, robbery and rape cases remain the highest in urban areas than in rural in the United States. Many people understand that a shotgun packs a huge punch and can leave one disfigured for the rest of their life if they managed to survive the first blow. This is serious damage that the burglars can’t risk. There are a lot of counts of surviving bullet wounds or shots if a smaller gun such as a pistol is used, however, not many see the light of day after being blasted with a shotgun. This is one of the reasons why Americans keep a shotgun near their bedside or in gun compartments around their house.

The same is the case with rural areas. Rural areas are seen as areas where high net worth individuals exist meaning it is a fertile territory for burglars to reap their hard work’s rewards. Aggravated assault and robbery are the two most common crimes in cities. If you’ve got a shotgun with you then that’s a message for a burglar or a person looking to cause harm to stay away.

Americans and their obsession with the 982 Hawk 12 Gauge Tactical Shotguns

The Interstate Arms IAC 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun is a Chinese copy of the Remington 870. The gun is imported and branded under Interstate Arms. You can replace a few parts from the Remington 870 with the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun. However, not all parts will work with the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun. A sidesaddle from the Remington 870 will work well with the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun however when it comes to replacing the barrel, you can’t do that without having the right adapter to go with it.

Americans are obsessed with the Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun for many reasons, especially its lower price tag. Before we get into the price of the gun, is the gun completely similar to the Remington 870.

If the Remington 870 and the Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun were similar in quality and performance, then many people would choose to go for the one that is priced lower. With the dwindling economy and the falling wages, many are looking towards cheaper alternatives that fulfill the same purpose. Could the Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun be the cheaper alternative while providing a similar performance?

Norinco is responsible for manufacturing the Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotguns and from the looks of it, the gun is visually similar to the once-popular Remington 870. It’s made from steel and some parts of the gun are an improvement over the Remington like the extractor and ejector. You would notice that the trigger is made out of metal rather than plastic seen on the original Remington 870. This shows the quality of the gun is far superior to the Remington. Many people have stated that the performance of the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun feels a bit different at the start, however, after a couple of hundred rounds, the gun settles down beautifully. After the initial usage, the gun takes on the Remington 870 in terms of performance easily.

Although Americans prefer buying their country products if you’re given an option of a similar if not superior weapon like the Remington 870 at a fraction of the cost, would you still go for the locally manufactured one? The IAC 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun has a shorter barrel as compared to the Remington making it a poor choice of weapon for bird shooting. However, the weapon triumphs when it comes to short-range combat and pulverization of critters gone wild.

Specifications of the IAC 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun

Specifications of the IAC 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun

If you’re wondering what the specifications of an IAC 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun are then we’ve categorized it under headings so you can resort to the information you’re looking for. Before we go to the specifications of the gun, it is important to know that the gun is covered under 12 months warranty. If there is a part that does not work or a component that fails to operate, you can ring the interstate arms contact number to register your problem and get it fixed under the warranty.

Length, capacity, and weight

The IAC 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun is a pump-action shotgun with a three-inch chamber. The gun is 38.5 inches in length and weighs just a little over 7 pounds. This makes the gun light and easier to carry. The shotgun has the capacity of carrying 5 rounds which might be a downer for many, however, if you’re looking for self-defense, then this is more than enough.

Barrel, receiver, and choke

As mentioned previously, the gun is high quality and you would find that the barrel is made out of steel. It’s got a beautiful black finish in matte making the gun look deadly. You would find that the color and the steel flows through to the receiver. The barrel is 18.5 inches while the choke on this bad boy is a fixed cylinder.

Buttstock and forearm

Buttstock provides the right kind of support to the gun when it fires. The pressure from the fire subsides if the buttstock is properly placed on the shoulder. The buttstock spans over 13.8 inches, comes in black polymer, and has a rugger recoil pad to reduce the recoil. The forearm of the gun is 9 inches in length and is also made out of the same black polymer found in its buttstock.

Front sight, rear sight, and trigger pull weight

The front sight features a post-front sight with a ghost ring for the rear sight. This feature is usually not found in guns at such a price range which is a great welcome. Trigger pull weight is the pound-force that needs to be applied to the trigger before the gun fires. The 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun requires 6 pounds of trigger pull weight before the gun can fire.

Does the performance of the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun stack up against the Remington 870?

As we’ve mentioned before, the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun is a Chinese copy of the Remington 870 but is it as good as its original counterpart. Most of the components in the gun can be seen as similar to the Remington. The 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun dates back to the early 1960s at Ivanhoe sports center, a retail gun shop. The shop later in 1974 started its wholesale operations under Interstate Arms Corp.

Remington 870

The shotgun’s finish is superb, the matte comes out very nicely making the gun look high quality. The trigger weight is the focal point among shotguns and this one settles right in the midway among shotguns at 6 pounds. The gun has a capacity of 5 rounds which is also midway between the 4 round capacity shotguns on the market and the 6 round capacity. Upon closer look, you may realize that the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun has a slimmer stock as compared to the Remington but this does not affect the performance in any way.

The shotgun shines when it comes to recoil control as upon testing and comparison with other shotguns, the recoil control outperforms. The vented recoil pad gives enough structural support to the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun to ensure stability unlike seen in other shotguns on the market.

The design of the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun adds to the performance of the gun. The sweeping design ensures that the user’s hand does not slip while using the shotgun, unlike Remington. The barrel is slightly longer than other shotguns but by only a measly 0.5 inches.

Another aspect where the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun rises above other shotguns is the ghost ring sight. This is a great welcome as this feature is not present in any other shotguns at this price point (We will get to the price point soon). The ghost ring can easily be adjustable and has protection around it to protect it from any damages in case the gun falls. This protection around the sight is also not found in cheaper shotguns especially if you’re in the market for self-defense weapons.

With the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun, you can use slugs and buckshot as well. Which is perfect for larger predators if you simply want to cause serious damage. The gun does not bind upon use making it very smooth yet subtle.

When compared to performance with the Remington 870, the 870 design allows the gun to move quicker and this is also thanks to its stock. However, the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun is up there in terms of performance. The ghost ring allows users to take down their targets up to 16 yards easily and it is due to the ghost ring that users can shoot quicker than other shotguns. Close range firing is fantastic too.

The 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun is much faster in terms of firing when compared to the Remington. It is much more accurate as well and can place slugs fired in a tight group if unloaded all at the same time. This is thanks to the ghost ring sight.

The IAC 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun is reliable, fast, accurate, and has great recoil support. It is a great weapon for personal defense and outperforms many shotguns in a similar category. Many find the 982 better than the Remington in terms of price to performance ratio and we don’t doubt the performance when stacked up against the original. It is a perfect weapon at a great price point.

Price of IAC 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun

The most awaited moment that you all have been waiting for, the price of the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun. The prices can be a bit up and down depending on where you get it (retail or online). You can also get discounts at some retail shops. However, the last price check that we did showed that the price of the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun starts at $186.99. Depending on the variation you can even find a 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun for around $140. That’s one-third the price of the latest generation console, no wonder the weapon is widely known among Americans. The price is highly affordable for even the lower class of people who wish to protect themselves and their families.

Gun law in the United States

Now that you know more about the 982 Hawk 12 gauge tactical shotgun, it is also important that you understand the gun law in the United States.

The gun law is molded by the second amendment which gives the individual the right to own and carry firearms. Columbia had banned the use of guns, however, in 2008 the citizens stood against the law and challenged the district of Columbia in the federal court. The court decided in favor of the citizens and revoked the ban on guns in the state so that the citizens can keep firearms to protect themselves.

The second amendment should not be taken as a complete right to carry any weapons. It might state that individuals can carry a weapon for their self-defense however that does not mean that individuals can carry any weapon they like. Concealed weapons are banned and can not be kept by individuals for self-defense purposes.

The second amendment might state the right to bear arms, however, certain eligibility requirements need to be fulfilled before it is legal for the individual to bear and keep arms. Citizens, nationals, green card holders, and lawfully entered aliens are allowed to keep arms for self-defense. While on the other hand, the gun control act of 1968 identifies a certain category of people prohibiting them from keeping arms. These classes of people include fugitives, convicted individuals, people with a drug abuse history, an illegal alien, and restrained individuals.

Interesting facts about gun control in America

Here are some interesting facts about gun control in America.

Besides the eligibility requirements mentioned in the earlier section, individuals need to be above the age of 18 to purchase a rifle or a shotgun. This is understandable, however, the interesting bit is that these individuals must be above the age of 21 to purchase a handgun. Now you know that the reason why shotguns are quite popular in the states is that individuals above the age of 18 can purchase these types of guns and their ammunition.

Another interesting fact is that the main gun law is decided by the federal government. It is understood that the second amendment ensures the right to carry arms for self-defense. However, restrictions can be placed on who can carry arms or what kind of weapon can be carried at the state level. There are regulatory bodies that regulate the licenses issued to gun stores. Those looking to get gun licenses must be over the age of 21. There is also a business permit needed to sell firearms at your location. The person looking to sell firearms should not have any mental disabilities or earlier convictions. The license costs start from $200 for the first three years. If you’re looking to sell firearms online, the same rules will apply. However, you would need to collaborate with a registered FFL holder to check details on the purchaser of the firearm before releasing the firearm in their custody.

Brady handgun act 1993 requires a background check to be conducted before a firearm could be sold to anyone. The purchaser of the weapon must complete ATF 4473 which requires information regarding prior arrests, medical conditions, and more. The background check can be done by one local institution or a combination of many depending on the state.

The interesting thing is that in the United States, anyone can sell guns without proper licenses if the intent is not to make a profit. Those that are selling weapons as a gift to somebody do not require an FFL license. Only those looking to make a living out of selling weapons require an FFL license. This is used by many as a loophole to avoid a background check. The law therefore in the United States remains cloudy on the purchase and sale of guns. A recent study indicates that 20% of Americans purchasing a weapon avoid a background check due to the unclear gun laws. What’s shocking is that children below the age of 18 can also own guns if their parents transfer the gun ownership to the child as a gift.

Guns are dangerous only in the hands of a person operating them. The United States allows the use of guns for self-defense but not for attacking someone out of hate or perhaps an argument. The law is very clear on the consequences of using guns for promoting violent aggression. Stay safe and keep others safe by respecting your state laws as these can vary across the country.

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