“I dropped my phone in water and now it’s acting up.” If you’ve uttered this, you’re not the first and you won’t be the last.

In fact, nearly 30% of consumers have reported submerging their phones. For most of those, it spells the end of one phone and the need to get a new one. If you’re crafty and act fast, however, you can salvage it.

Today, we’re going to tell you what you need to do to get water out of a phone the right way. Dropping a smartphone in water is enough to cause panic in most people, but keep calm and read on because there’s still hope for you.

“I Dropped My Phone in Water”

Phone in Water

Whether you drop your phone in a mop bucket, a lake, or the toilet, water is going to work its way through the electronics and cause problems. Many phone manufacturers are starting to realize how many phones die from water exposure.

We’re seeing more waterproof smartphones, but that’s not going to help you right now if you don’t have one.

How a Phone Dropped in Water Gets Damaged

How damaged your phone gets depends on how long it’s in the water. Water can leak into any part of your phone, including the charging port, behind the screen, and inside the battery compartment.

Phone Dropped in Water

You may notice your display getting distorted, distorted audio from the speakers, visible moisture behind the screen, or an inability to charge, among other things. Some iPhones even indicate whether they have water damage or not.

The first thing you need to do is get your phone out of the water and into a dry area. Turn it off, take the battery out, take the case off, and give it some time before you take further action.

Getting Water Out Of a Phone the Right Way

There are a few methods for getting water out of a phone, some of which you’ve probably heard of. The rice method is the most popular of these. To do it, you just fill a bowl or a resealable bag full of rice, then submerge your phone and any wet components in it for at least a day.

The idea is that the rice absorbs the moisture in the electronics. If the water hasn’t done too much initial damage, the rice may absorb it all before it can. You can also try this with silica gel.

Phone Dropped in Water

A more effective option to get water out of a phone is to use a professional service. You can visit Fruit Fixed here to learn about affordable and reliable phone repair. Professionals will have all of the tools and expertise to take your phone apart, dry it out, and put it back together again.

Phone in Water: Bad Combination

If you’re thinking, “I dropped my phone in water and don’t know what to do”, now you do. No one can guarantee that your phone won’t be permanently damaged from water exposure, but following these steps will give it the best chance of survival. When in doubt, however, contact the pros.

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