What is Hybrid Mattress?

Many people have heard of the “hybrid” mattress but not many are quite sure what that means. Basically, a hybrid mattress is a memory foam mattress combined with latex foam. Latex is a natural material that makes up rubber and has the unique ability to mold to the body forming a more or less comfortable sleeping surface. Many times these types of mattresses will also contain memory foam or similar material as well. The combination of materials provides a more comfortable sleeping surface for the person sleeping on it.

What is Hybrid Mattress

Difference Regular and Hybrid mattress

There are some big differences between a regular mattress and a hybrid mattress. A regular mattress will have an open cell structure that allows air to flow through freely. However, a memory foam mattress has cells that lock together. This allows the airflow to be regulated so that the air stays away from the body and the memory foam provides a firmer sleeping surface. A hybrid mattress is packed with cooling features for hot sleepers. This is what makes the hybrid mattress so comfortable and supportive.

Hybrid mattresses are a new type of bedding that combines the responsive comfort of a spring mattress with the softer, more relaxed feel of foam or memory foam pillows. These types of beds offer the benefits of a spring mattress and the warmth of a foam mattress. However, they provide the convenience of being easily moved around without the risk of springs losing their support. Innerspring mattresses are designed to be comfortable and supportive all the way through a normal sleep cycle. A latex mattress uses both latex and viscoelastic foam to provide the support it needs during a restful night’s sleep.

A hybrid mattress is made up of one or more of the following parts.

  • Memory foam is the most common component used in a mattress. They provide excellent support and are highly comfortable. Memory foam is a popular choice for back pain sufferers because it reduces pressure on the spine and relieves pressure on joints.
  • The foam or viscoelastic is another part of a hybrid mattress. It is similar to memory foam but is much less firm. Because it is more flexible than memory foam, it provides a more comfortable sleep surface. Memory foam offers the best back pain relief. However, viscoelastic is usually less expensive and has a higher density than Visco foam. It also has the added benefit of lasting longer and being more comfortable than Visco foam.


The other major component of hybrid mattresses is the actual foam that is present in them. Memory foam offers both firmness and softness to the mattress. Therefore, they are generally better at combating back pain than traditional innerspring mattresses. However, many people report that memory foam mattresses use memory foam in a way that makes them feel more like regular mattresses and doesn’t quite capture the feel of the memory foam sleeping surface.


Hybrid mattresses are available in several different thicknesses. They typically range from three to seven layers in thickness. Most use a medium thickness, which offers a moderate firmness for support and softness for springs and comfort layers. Most hybrids contain two to four inches of memory foam or similar layers. The higher the number of layers, the firmer and more supportive the hybrid mattress will be.

Combination of two mattresses

One of the key advantages of a hybrid mattress is that it combines all of the features of a traditional spring mattress with some of the features of an innerspring mattress. One of the key pros of this type of mattress is that it uses two separate but similar components to achieve maximum comfort and support. The key con of this type of mattress is that it does not provide as much firmness as one would like, and the springs inside may wear out sooner than other types of models.

Hybrid mattresses are usually sold as a package of innerspring. The two main types of springs inside are either pocketed coils or glued pocket coils. In most cases, the innerspring are made from high-quality materials. This allows for greater durability and stability over the long haul, although some of the best innerspring options on the market come with both pocketed and glued coils.

Hybrid mattresses are most often made using memory foam or latex. Memory foam is a highly advanced and expensive type of foam, so many bedding manufacturers still use latex or sagging memory foam in their products. Latex and sagging memory foam provide excellent support and comfort, but they do not provide the same amount of firmness as memory foam. Therefore, it is important to choose a mattress that incorporates both types of foam into the core of the mattress. A good rule of thumb is that the thickness of the mattress should be at least three times that of the thickness of the padding that goes between the mattress and frame.

Mattress Sizes

When looking for a new mattress, you will undoubtedly see that there are many types of mattress sizes available. Which mattress size is best for you will depend on your personal circumstances. Mattress or bed size generally refers to the size of the mattress. Choosing the right size can have a significant impact on both comfort and lifespan.

Here are some common mattress sizes most often used by most homeowners:

Mattress Sizes

Full Mattress Size

The Full size is usually the size most often used in an adult home. This size is roughly equivalent to the distance between the mattress and the largest wall in the room. A full-size mattress should provide an ample amount of room to move around. A Full-size bed is not adjustable, so most owners prefer to purchase one which is comfortable to sleep in.

Twin Mattress Size

The Twin is a slightly larger version of the Full mattress size. The reason for the extra room is provided from the mattress being spread out over two frames. This provides more sleeping surface area. However, like the Full mattress size, many owners like the option of being able to adjust the additional sleeping surface area.

Queen Mattress Size

The Queen is the perfect compromise between the Full and Twin sizes. It provides the same sleeping area but also has additional space to allow for additional accessories, such as a crib or futon for sleeping. It is slightly smaller than a Full mattress size. If you need more space for sleep or mobility, consider a Queen mattress size. Although smaller than the other sizes, some find that the Queen is just what they need, allowing them to move around comfortably while still having the comfort of a full-size mattress.

Small Beds

If you are buying a bed for a child or infant, you will find that a Small bed is the best way to go. These are specifically designed to sleep on a foundation or “base” of hard plastic, which helps protect the mattress from moving around on the bed frame. The Small bed is the perfect size for a baby or toddler who can’t yet roll over on their own and may still be too young to turn around in their sleep. Most parents will choose to purchase a Small bed for their child, which makes it easy to turn over the new mattress as they get older.

King and queen sizes are generally available on many different mattress sizes throughout the market. Some manufacturers offer mattresses in these sizes, but most commonly you will find them in:

  • Twin
  • Queen
  • California King
  • Full-size

King mattress

There are many benefits to purchasing a King mattress over a queen size. King and Queen sizes allow you to decide how many people will be sleeping in your room before making your purchase. This is helpful because you can determine whether or not a twin mattress will be sufficient for your needs.

Choosing the correct dimensions is very important to obtaining the most comfortable sleep possible. Many people will unknowingly make the mistake of either selecting a bed size that is too small or selecting a size that is too large. Both will provide less comfort than the other. When you select the right mattress size for your room, you will have more control when it comes to getting the right level of firmness and support that you need.

Mattress sizes do matter! There are several methods that can help you determine the correct mattress size. The most effective method is to use a measuring tape, which helps to ensure accuracy. If you cannot measure your bedroom using this method, a professional to measure your bedroom would be advisable. These professionals typically have experience in selecting and installing beds.

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