Florida resident and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee are using the ruling of a Virginia judge against a portion of President Obama’s health care reform law to raise money for his political action committee, Huck PAC.

Late last night, after congratulating Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli on his victory in the lawsuit challenging health care reform’s stipulation that everyone acquires health insurance, Huckabee wrote, “The fight is far from over,” adding:

There can be little doubt that this matter will go before the United States Supreme Court – and I urge all parties to immediately request an expedited hearing before the highest court in the land, so that this matter may be settled – once and for all.

I’m proud that Huck PAC endorsed Ken’s campaign for Attorney General and I’m glad we assisted him in his efforts to stop Obamacare in Virginia. It’s candidates like Ken, dedicated, selfless public servants, who will make the changes needed for a better brighter future.

Help us continue our fight to support quality conservatives at every level of government.

Join Huck PAC, Donate, Support…

In his praise for the ruling, Huckabee joined a chorus of Florida GOP leaders, who lauded the decision ahead of a hearing Thursday in Florida’s own lawsuit against health care reform.

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