Your mental health is important — perhaps even more important than you think. From the way you see the world to the way you respond to it, your every perception, thought, and decision is passed through your brain. And if your brain is worn out, depressed, anxious, or fearful, then it could change your thoughts and behavior for the worse — and change your entire life for the worse, too.

And just as your mental health affects your life and lifestyle, so does your life and lifestyle affect your mental health. Experiencing serious stresses and losses can be traumatic to your mind. Poor lifestyle decisions can make your mind unhealthy just as they make your body unhealthy. To enjoy great mental health and the great life that comes with it, then you’ll need a great healthy lifestyle. And if you’re making any of the mistakes that we list below, then your current lifestyle is not going to cut it.

You’re working too hard

You want to succeed in your job and build a wonderful career, but working around the clock may not be the best way to do that. See, we’re actually more productive when we take breaks and the occasional vacation — and working through lunch or skipping your next big trip could really hurt your mental health. In extreme cases, you could even suffer from burnout. Burnout feels the way it sounds, and it can grind both your career and your mental health progress to a halt.

You’re eating poorly

What you put in your body determines more than just your physical health. It matters to your mental health, too. After all, your brain is a part of your body. To give your brain the nutrients it needs, focus on eating whole foods (especially vegetables) and skipping the processed stuff. You really will feel better when you eat healthy stuff.

You’re not breaking a sweat

Exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins elevate your mood. Plus, exercise will keep you slim, strong, and healthy — and it doesn’t take a doctor or a therapist to know that feeling physically good will be good for your mood, mindset, and overall mental health. Why feel lousy all of the time when better health and a better mood is just a short jog or workout away? Stick to your habits, and you’ll change your mind and your life.

You’re buried in local stress

Where you live matters. If you’re not happy with where you’re living, or if you don’t have the right tools and strategies for counteracting the kind of stress that exists in your area, then you’re going to be in rough shape mental health-wise.

Take big cities, for instance. Some of us find them stressful no matter what. And all of us will get stressed out if we don’t care for our minds during stressful commutes or on crowded streets. That’s why folks in places like New York City should be especially proactive about their mental health, explains an expert therapist in nyc.

You’re not seeking help

You don’t have to live somewhere stressful to benefit from therapy, of course. And you don’t even have to be particularly worried about your mental health. While therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy can make excellent treatments for issues such as depression and anxiety, these sorts of conditions are certainly not all that therapy can address. Even those of us who consider ourselves perfectly happy and mentally healthy could potentially benefit from therapy.

When it comes to your mental health, you should be making decisions like the ones that you do for your physical health. You should be caring for your mental health through good everyday decisions, but you should also be turning to professionals regularly for check-ins and to address any issues you see. Your mental health matters, so pay attention to it.

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