An accident involving a car and a large truck is dangerous and may result in substantial injuries for the driver of the smaller vehicle. There are many potential lasting effects of a collision with a truck that can often be challenging to sort out insurance payments, medical bills, and the damages to your person and property.

If you have recently been involved in an accident, an experienced truck accident attorney can assist you with these tasks and fight for a settlement in your favor when necessary.

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The damages from an accident or collision with a truck, especially an 18-wheeler, may include injuries that result in high medical bills or an inability to work. These types of injuries often pose financial difficulties for victims and their families. If the truck driver is either negligent or at fault, the victim who suffered the injury or disability will likely be entitled to financial compensation as a result.

Receiving a settlement from an accident injury can be difficult and may require intensive proceedings or negotiations. Truck and auto accident attorneys offer professional legal assistance for those fighting for a settlement for an injury caused by an accident.

The payment may come partially or entirely from an insurance agency, and as a result, negotiations are likely with insurance company representatives or adjusters. A high-quality accident attorney can speak with the insurance companies and adjusters on your behalf to further increase your potential financial compensation.

This article will review the specifics of what truck accident attorneys do and the steps they can take to increase your final settlement. Receiving financial compensation for an injury or loss of work sometimes requires a legal battle, which means you’ll want to schedule a consultation with a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.

How Much Do Truck Accident Attorneys Charge?

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First, let’s answer one of the most commonly asked questions about hiring an attorney after a car or truck accident: how much will legal assistance cost?

Most accident attorneys are available for a free consultation where they will review your case and provide a cost-free professional opinion of your potential for settlement due to injury. Most lawyers will decide whether or not to take on your claim after this consultation.

Most accident attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis. This payment structure means you only pay the attorney if and when you win your case and receive a settlement. The fee is often a percentage of the settlement, which means the legal costs will never outweigh the settlement you receive.

The percentage of the price varies depending on the lawyer, which means you should ask about the contingency fee during the initial compensation. To read more about contingency fees, check out this article from the Cornell Law School.

What Can a Truck Accident Attorney Do For Me?

Your accident attorney will take a few common steps in the lead-up towards negotiation and settlement. An accident attorney will begin work on your case by gathering and organizing all available evidence from the scene of the accident and injury.

This evidence often includes medical bills, a written assessment of injury or disability from a doctor, and all available insurance information. Other evidence may include police reports, dashcam footage, or photos taken after the crash.

The evidence gathered by an auto accident lawyer is often essential for major settlement cases because it can prove the fault or negligence of the opposing party.

If the driver of the truck or opposing party in your case is found to be at fault or negligent, they may be partially or entirely liable for your injuries or disabilities sustained during the accident. Read more about the legal logistics of determining negligence with this article.

A truck accident attorney will also speak with the involved insurance adjusters and negotiate with the insurance company when necessary.

Insurance companies often undervalue the financial burdens and damages resulting from an accident in hopes of paying as little as possible. Hiring a truck or auto accident attorney helps ensure that you receive the highest potential insurance payout.

Negotiations may also be necessary when dealing with the opposing party and their lawyer. A settlement often occurs during this process, but a high-quality auto accident attorney will know when it’s time to take your case to court.

However, presenting your case before a judge is less common than many advertisements may lead you to believe. The value of the cases that go to court is usually far above the average injury and collision.

What’s Different in a Truck Accident Case?

How to Find Compassionate Lawyers for Car Accident Compensation Claims

Truck drivers, particularly when driving an 18-wheeler or other large freight truck, have a high level of liability insurance. Drivers that work for larger shipping companies may have substantial coverage designed explicitly for collisions with cars that caused an injury.

In short, most truck drivers have better coverage and assistance options for a legal battle surrounding an accident than the average car owner. The size and maneuverability of a truck are also significant factors considered when determining the overall settlement in the case.

Truck Accident Attorney Help to Increase Injury Settlement

If you have recently been injured in a collision with a truck and are having a hard time paying the bills, it may be time to reach out to a truck accident attorney to discuss your options.

If another person’s negligence caused the injury, or if that other person could potentially be found at fault, you may be able to get financial assistance or an increased insurance settlement.

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