Throughout history, many different people from emperors to artists have worn flowers in their hair.

But, you may be thinking that flower wearing has been a bit overdone lately. Fret not. In this article, we’ll give you some advice to make sure your hairdo looks classy and not trashy.

Read on to find out how to wear flowers. Let’s get going!

1. Take Inspiration from Frida Kahlo

Although a flower crown is a little overdone, piling large flowers atop a plaited bun looks fabulous.

The great Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, was well known for adorning her hair with oversized flowers.

Take some inspiration and wear your hair like hers when taking an art class. Kahlo was known for wearing flowers in vibrant colors such as pink, orange, and red.

2. Keep It Simple with Just One Beautiful Flower

If you want to avoid feeling like a festival goer, then simply adorn your hair with just one flower.

Flowers which work well for this look include:

  • Roses–choose from red, pink or white for a classic look
  • Daisies–these white flowers work well with any colored outfit and any hair color too
  • Chrysanthemums–purple, yellow or orange flowers work beautifully
  • Freesias–don’t want just one color? These flowers can be bi-colored
  • Sunflowers–choose just one large sunflower for a summery look

By having just one flower in your hair, you’ll certainly look classy. If you need any help, Little Flora will help you out.

3. Feeling Lazy? Create a Flower Headband

Flower headbands are a great way to rock the flower in your hair look. By creating a headband, you don’t have to worry about flowers coming loose.

The hair band will easily keep your flowers in place. Making a headband requires some DIY skills.

You’ll need a headband, many flowers of your choosing, a glue gun, and wire. Make sure your flowers cover the glue and wire on the headband and you’re ready to go!

4. Who Says Flower Crowns Aren’t Cool Anyway?

If you’ve been through this list and decided that actually, Coachella-esque flower crowns are for you, then go for it!

Take inspiration from these celebs who wore classic flower crowns on their weddings days. Are you an Elizabeth Taylor or an Audrey Hepburn?

5. Choose Just a Few Teeny Flowers

If you’re keeping your hair casual, then why not tie it up into a bun and put small flower heads around and in it?

This look can rock up your Sunday brunch vibe. Or, you could even dress up a smooth bun for a more formal occasion.

Consider taking inspiration from Pinterest. However, make sure you don’t go overboard as you could end up looking like a flower girl at a wedding.

Wear Flowers in Your Hair to Reflect Your Personality

What’s a great way to liven up an outfit you’ve had forever? Wear flowers in your hair!

There are hundreds of different flowers to choose from and, as a result, you can reflect your personality via your favorites.

Need further tips for beauty and wellness? If you’re wearing flowers in your hair then you should also make sure your skin is glowing by following these ten tips.

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