Did you know that many fashion pieces we wear today have their roots in the U.S. military? The bomber jacket, the peacoat, cargo pants, and chinos were all issued to U.S. soldiers in the military. These items of cool patches have become essential pieces in our closets.

Now another military-issued piece is trending. Embroidered patches have made a comeback.

They’re not just for jackets. You can wear patches in a variety of ways.

Patches were once only put on jackets, but now you can put them on a wide range of garments. They are a unique and customizable way to show off your personal style. The most affordable customization is undertaken through 4incutompatch. Whether you choose to sew patches onto a backpack, cap, or even a pair of jeans, they offer a simple yet effective way to elevate your fashion game while nodding to the military roots of this enduring trend.

Want to get in on the trend but not sure how to wear cool patches? We got you covered! Read this guide on how to wear cool patches with style.

History of Embroidered Cool Patches

Embroidery has its roots in Ancient China. People in Ancient China would hand-sew beautiful designs on their clothing.

These designs eventually became a way to differentiate between royalty. Embroidered designs were also used to make luxurious tapestry pieces. As embroidery spread all over the world, each region of the world had their own specific patterns and designs.

Embroidery was hand-sewed until the Industrial Revolution. After that, machines began making embroidered patches.

At the end of the 19th century, the U.S. Military began using cool patches to differentiate between units, divisions, and branches.

How Cool Patches Became a Fashion Statement?

By the 1960s, cool patches became mainstream. Individuals who were a part of the counterculture generation wore them.

Boy and girl scouts would also wear them to denote different scout levels. Even the working class wore them to signify different occupations.

Today, the U.S. military and other government organizations still use patches. They are also used on many different types of uniforms. Patches can be customized in different types like embroidered, PVC and chenille. Have a look at UltraPatches if you are looking for a one stop solution to order custom patches online. There are also people who enjoy collecting beautiful patches.

In the fashion world, eye-catching embroidered designs have made a comeback on our clothing. Luxury clothing designers such as Gucci and Raf Simons have used patches on their latest designs.

No Need to Iron Them on Anymore

Want to wear patches without ironing or sewing them on your clothing? These days, patches don’t have to be a permanent fixture on your outfits.

You can try pinning your patches on. Or, if you want a smoother look, at Patches4Less you can customize your patches with velcro backing or tape backing. You can even get patches with a button loop.

Different Ways to Wear Cool Patches

Want to accessorize with patches but not sure how to wear them? Read on for our guide, or head over to the professional custom patches maker site to learn where to place patches for a trendy look.

1. Wear on Your Jeans

Who doesn’t love wearing jeans? But sometimes, a plain pair of jeans can be a little boring.

Want to add some color and style to an old pair of jeans? You can add patches all throughout your jeans. Or you can add one big patch on your back pocket.

2. Wear Patches on Your Denim Jacket

We love how patches look on denim. The neutral tone of denim really makes cool patches stand out. You can add patches to a darker denim jacket or a lighter one.

You can even add patches on a denim vest or denim shirt to get the same look.

3. Add a Patch on a White T-Shirt

Want to update your wardrobe without spending too much money? You can get an inexpensive white t-shirt and add a statement-making patch on it.

You can choose one of your favorite patches or one that means something to you.

4. Add Patches to Your Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are classic. They go with any look, and you can wear them in a variety of ways. You can add patches to your leather jacket to change up your look.

We love patches on jackets. You can also add patches to the super trendy bomber jacket. Or you can wear patches on a military jacket for a nostalgic look.

5. Patches on Other Accessories

Do you like the look of patches but not sure about wearing them on your pants or shirts? You can try wearing patches in the following ways.

6. Wear as a Necklace

For a more subtle look, you can wear a single patch as a necklace. You can even go the DIY method and make the necklace yourself.

7. Wear Patches on Your Sneakers

Shoes can define an outfit. Infuse color into a pair of white sneakers by adding patches.

8. Add Patches to Your Handbag or Backpack

You can personalize your backpack with cool patches.

Do you have an older handbag that needs updating? Maybe it has an area of wear and tear. Instead of buying a new handbag, you can cover it up with a strategically placed patch

More Tips for Adding Patches to Your Wardrobe

Not sure how to arrange your patches? Keep reading for some ideas on how to style patches on your clothing.

9. Do a Collage of Patches

If you love patches and love making a statement, you can go all out and do a collage of patches on a clothing item of your choice. You can add a collage of patches on a jacket or even a dress.

10. Make a Theme of Patches to Personalize Your Look

Do you love butterflies? You can decorate your clothing with a theme of butterflies to show off your love of them.

How about rainbows? You can decorate a shirt with a line of rainbows.

11. Try Adding a Single, Large Patch

Sometimes, less is more. If you want to keep it simple, you can add a single, large patch on an item of clothing.

12. Add a Bunch of Smaller Patches

Or you can go the opposite route and attach a bunch of cute, smaller patches.

Make a Statement with Patches

The best part about patches is that they allow you to personalize your wardrobe. They are a great way to represent your colorful, unique personality. They also make a great conversational piece.

Now that you’ve read up on the different ways to wear your cool patches, it’s time to go out there and make a statement.

Looking for other style ideas? Check out our fashion blog for more trend-setting tips and advice.

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