Netflix was launched in India in the year 2016. This was also the year when it went global. However, the Indian-centric Netflix is different from its US-based version. In fact, Netflix India only offers 7% of the same content compared to Netflix’s US library. This can become very disappointing for tourists who want to watch something for entertainment and even the locals who are fond of consuming Hollywood content such as TV series and movies.

How a VPN Opens Access to American Netflix Content and Let Users Watch Netflix in India?

Many people were using VPNs for dodging Netflix in the past. But over the years, Netflix has become smart at detecting VPN access. In case Netflix detects a VPN connection, it simply blocks the IP address from accessing the service any further. This has frustrated a lot of VPN providers who have stopped offering access to the streaming service. Yet, there are big VPN providers who are still providing untraceable access to Netflix and considered to be the best VPN for Netflix.

A VPN changes the IP address of a user. This opens up the restricted access to Netflix US library. All a user needs to do is to use that server’s IP address, which belongs to some location in the United States. This gives Netflix system the impression of someone who is viewing it from the United States and not India. If you turn off VPN, your IP will automatically change back to India and your access to Netflix US will be blocked.

Famous Names include:

  • PureVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • PrivateVPN
  • SaferVPN

These VPNs will let you watch US Netflix in India without any restrictions. You can even use them to switch to the Netflix content of other countries such as Canada, the UK and Australia in India.

Method for Unlocking US Netflix in India

  1. You need to subscribe to a proper and authentic VPN service as small VPN companies do not provide access to Netflix library anymore. Try picking up a VPN provider from the above-mentioned list.
  2. After signing into your VPN account, change your location to the US. This will reroute the IP address from a location in India to a location in the United States.
  3. Sign into your Netflix account and start watching your favorite TV shows and movies online.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a popular online streaming service to watch movies and TV shows online. The service was only accessible in the US before Netflix went worldwide in the year 2016. The subscription is paid on a monthly basis and the rates also differ from one country to another. But, if you want to watch licensed content online, it is one of the best streaming services that are available today.

Is Netflix available in India?

India is included in the list of countries that Netflix offers it services to. However, Netflix content varies from one location to another. The content available to the American audience is not the content available to the Indian audience.

Can I watch Netflix in India?

Netflix subscribers can only view the content of the region they are located in. This means that Indian users can not access American content or the content accessible to people living in the United Kingdom, so on and so forth. Whenever you type in Netflix’s URL, you are redirected to the streaming service for the country you reside in.

Why Is American Netflix Blocked in India?

Netflix acquires license of all their movies and television from movie studios and networks. The licensing contract contains a license agreement for every country and has geographical restrictions. This is why Netflix offers separate content to users living in the US, the UK, Australia and India etc. If they do not restrict license on country level, then they may face legal and financial penalties.

Another reason Netflix does not provide full access to the US-based content is because of money. Media outlets wants users to watch TV ads and pay monthly subscriptions for cable tv networks. They fear losing their users to streaming services such as Netflix if in case all entertainment becomes available on it.

How Does Netflix Know My Location?

All the devices connected to internet have an IP address. An IP address is similar to a street address of a home or business. IP address specifies the information that is sent to and sent from a particular area/region.

All the countries have an assigned IP address range to be used by citizens. Netflix uses your IP address to check the service version you have access to. You can change your IP address to watch Netflix content of US library as well as other countries depending on which location you change your IP address to.

What Is a VPN?

A virtual private network provides different capabilities to users, one of which is to change or hide the current IP address of any user. It also provides additional security to user’s internet activities by creating an encryption layer. This encryption tunnel prevents third-party services such as governments, ISPs and some random hacker to trace users’ online activities. It also helps to secure sensitive information and data from getting into the wrong hands.

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