Not so long ago, cannabis was nothing but a touchy subject in society.

It was seen as the reserve of wayward youth, hippies, and hip-hop artists. These days, though, it’s morphed into what’s set to be a $146 billion industry by 2025.

Never before has marijuana been so widely accepted. Moreover, as legalization spreads across the country (and the world), its acceptance and use are only set to grow.

And as that happens, so does the desire to experiment with it in new and interesting ways.

Knowing how to use terpenes properly can be a mighty help in that endeavor! If standard rolling and smoking have become a bit of a bore, then terpenes can add a novel and flavorsome twist.

However, first, you have to learn how to use terpenes! Sound like a plan?

Keep reading to discover more about how to use terpenes with cannabis products.

What Are Terpenes?

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First, let’s take a look at a definition. For anyone new to the topic, what actually are terpenes?

In simple terms, terpenes are molecules found in the cannabis flower that create its unique aroma and flavor. As every weed connoisseur knows, every strain of pot has its own unique smell and taste.

There are up to 100 terpenes found in the cannabis flower, and the signature aroma of each strain is determined by the specific terpenes within it. Beyond their aromatic influence, terpenes also contribute to the medical benefits of marijuana.

Interestingly, terpenes aren’t restricted to the cannabis flower. These molecules are found in all sorts of flora and fauna, creating the unique aromas we associate with the flowers and plants we come across in life.

It’s possible to harvest these terpenes and use them as ‘ingredients’ in everything from essential oils to cannabis edibles.

Want to keep learning about terpenes? You can find out more by following this link.

How to Use Terpenes with Cannabis Products

With a definition behind us, it’s time to address the main subject. Here are five key things to know about how to use terpenes with cannabis products.

1. Dilute Them Before Use!

The first thing to know is that terpenes come in a concentrated form.

As such, they can be overpowering, and even dangerous, when used in pure form.

Food-grade terpenes simply aren’t designed to be consumed like this. All sorts of negative repercussions can arise from contact with undiluted terpenes.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re cooking up a batch of space cakes or smoking a spliff. It’s of utmost importance that you dilute the terpenes prior to ingesting them. Be aware that they aren’t soluble in water though.

Diluting your terpenes is reliant on viscous fluids such as coconut oil, hemp oil, or alternative cannabis plant extracts.

2. Apply Heat to Aid Dilution

Diluting terpenes is something of a science.

You should never make estimated guesses when performing this process. Hoping for the best is a recipe for disaster! Instead, you need to work out the specific measurements required.

Of course, these specifics depend on your exact situation and preferences. Some people, for example, recommend that you start with a 3% concentration of terpenes. Then, as you grow accustomed to that level, increasing over time.

When you’ve calculated the number of milliliters/grams required for your needs, it’s time to combine the terpenes with your selected oil.

To facilitate this process, try heating the solution. The heat will speed things along and ensure that this homogenization process is successful.

3. Go Organic for Best Effects

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The quality of terpenes varies as much as the quality of marijuana itself.

Alas, you can’t guarantee the same positive experience from every brand/supplier. The first rule for finding the good stuff is to buy from reputable sources in the industry.

Next, though, make sure you opt for fresh and organic terpenes over synthetic varieties. Sure, you might pay a little extra, but the benefits make it a worthy investment.

4. Revitalize Old Weed

With your terpene solution ready to go, it’s time to consider some specific uses for it.

Of course, the general idea is to add a novel burst of flavor to ‘ordinary’ weed. However, terpenes come in far handier than that. A good example is how it can revitalize old marijuana.

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys stale marijuana. It lacks both the potency, aroma, and taste that you’ve come to expect. Thankfully, terpenes can be used to enhance the experience immeasurably.

Think of it like dousing your Dad’s dodgy cooking in tomato sauce. Even if the brunt of the meal is no good, the added condiment makes it altogether more palatable.

Exactly the same thing happens when you add terpenes to your stale bag of pot.

5. Self-Medicate

Of course, cannabis should never be used as a standalone treatment, or as a replacement for doctor’s orders.

Nonetheless, the positive impact of marijuana on a wide variety of medical issues is now widely accepted. Depression and anxiety are just two examples of problems that can be helped by consuming pot.

Even better, research is beginning to show that terpenes might also have a therapeutic role to play in these debilitating conditions.

Though far more scientific research is required, the preliminary findings represent good news for anybody seeking alternative treatments for challenging mental and emotional experiences.

Time to Wrap Up

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Canna-business in America is growing at an impressive rate.

What was once a contentious topic, and a pastime of societal reprobates has now hit the mainstream! Of course, it remains contentious in some circles.

There’s no stopping the monumental rise of the marijuana industry. As new states and entire countries begin the legalization process, the acceptance and use of pot are becoming increasingly widespread.

It’s got to the point where traditional weed-smoking methods are considered old-school. More people than ever before are looking for new and exciting ways to spice things up.

As we’ve seen, terpenes offer the perfect way to do exactly that. Hopefully, this post has explained how to use terpenes to enhance your cannabis experience.

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