When you are looking for creative art ideas, one of the projects that can be particularly fascinating to work on is mini dioramas. For those who don’t know about them, dioramas are three-dimensional exhibits or displays that can be any size and left open or encased in glass. Many artists around the world have taken dioramas and used them to express themselves artistically.

You can use any materials you want, but one material that can really add more design and wow factor is any kind of lighting.

If you’re looking for a way to start getting creative and make your own diorama, here is how you can incorporate lights into them.

Tips To Use Lights In Your Mini Dioramas

Diorama Lighting Should Show Everything

Diorama Lighting Should Show Everything

It’s not enough that your lights look pretty because they are a certain size or color. When you add lighting into your mini dioramas, you are making sure that anyone who is looking at the project you worked so hard on is able to see everything going on, even the tiniest piece.

Just like you use LED lights to brighten up a store to show off its merchandise, part of the art of a diorama is being able to see all of the intricate details that happen within it.

Light The Backdrop Apart From The Foreground

Think of it like the pieces going into your art diorama is on a set. You want anything in the backdrop to be lit separately from whatever is going on in the front. This adds more layers of light that will make your diorama feel more dynamic and intriguing to the eye.

To fix this issue, you can add LED lights on a dimmer on the edges of the diorama. This will give the light enough room for it to be seen without taking attention away from the foreground.

Use Different Lights For Mini Dioramas

Use Different Lights for Mini Dioramas

Depending on the effect you want in different parts of a larger diorama or mini dioramas, you can add model LED lights of different sizes to place as much brightness as you need in an area.

Evans Designs, for example, has different colored lights and voltages for each bulb that can make little scenes come alive.

Start Getting Creative With Your Diorama Lighting

Start Getting Creative with Your Diorama Lighting

Dioramas are not just one of many creative art ideas that you pick up in a DIY store, it’s a piece of art. Any type of art deserves unique pieces to make it special and adding diorama lighting is one way to do it. No matter if you choose to add lights or not, getting creative in your diorama will make for a unique process by the time you finish.

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