Vapes have become increasingly popular over the last few years. It’s another way to receive all the benefits of CBD and marijuana and is great for on-the-go-consumption.

With several vape pen styles available, they all serve the same function and are designed to achieve the same goal. But how exactly do they work?

If you’re considering vaping but are unsure of how to use a vape pen we’ve got you covered! Keep reading for our simple guide.

Vape Pen Components

Before using your pen it’s important to know and understand the parts that it’s made of. No matter the design, all pens are made up of four components which include the battery, atomizer, cartridge, and sensor.

The battery is what powers the device, while the atomizer heats the oil, the cartridge is your oil supply, and the sensor is what regulates the temperature.

Charge It

Vape pens should be adequately charged before your first use. You can use a USB port or a charging station for this step but allow for your vape pen to charge for one to two hours. This will make sure that you have a full battery for all-day use.

Insert Cartridges

Much like vape designs, there are a lot of different cartridges available to use and most are universal to work with any device.

There are pre-filled, disposable options along with budder, wax, and sugar options to choose from. When using the cartridges, the difference is that disposable ones can be screwed on and discarded after use, while reusable options require some assembly by using a syringe and a needle.

There are also different flavors and brands to choose from such as dank vapes that help to elevate your experience.

Turn It On

When it comes to vape designs, there are ones built with buttons, and there’s also some that are buttonless. If choosing to use a buttonless vape, all you need to do is inhale to power it up. However, if using a traditional vape with a button it’s not as simple of a process.

Vapes with a power button work by taking five clicks to power on, three clicks to adjust the settings, and five more clicks to power down. The button clicks work to heat up the vape chamber and begin the vaping process.

There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to button or buttonless vapes, it’s all up to your personal preference.

Once you’ve activated your preferred vape, you can enjoy all of its benefits!

Now You Know How to Use a Vape Pen

Vape pens are convenient ways to take in your CBD or marijuana dosages. They’re great for on the go lifestyles and can bring you some relief on a stressful day or help you stay in a relaxed mood.

Just starting out or considering using them, you may not know how to use a vape pen properly. They take some getting used to, but we hope our simple guide was helpful and that you learned something new!

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