An estimated 2.6 million adults in the U.S have smoked hookah to complement social gatherings.

You’ve tried this Ancient Indian and Persian contraption in hookah bars and now you want to bring the fun home. But you’re still not 100% sure how to use a hookah.

Sound familiar? If so, don’t worry. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use a hookah and how to set up hookah .

What Is Hookah?

For those new to hookahs, a hookah is a water pipe used to smoke sweetened or flavored tobacco. It has many names, like narghile, hubble-bubble, and shisha pipe.

You’ll notice the pipe is large and has two chambers for tobacco and water alongside one or more flexible tubes attached to its body so multiple smokers can inhale at once.

There are many hookah flavors like mint, fruit, or coffee. This sweetens the bitter taste and aroma of tobacco, perfect for a hookah party.

The Hookah Apparatus

Before you learn how to set up a hookah, you must know its different elements. You’ll need:

  • Foil
  • Bowl
  • Bowl grommet
  • Air valve
  • Hose
  • Mouth tip
  • Hose grommet
  • Hose connector
  • Base grommet
  • Base
  • Down stem

For those who want to hookah at home green cleaning process, these elements will be included when you buy a hookah.

First, Cleaning Your Hookah

The most important hookah for beginners tip is cleaning your set up so you have a smooth smoking experience. You need a long, thin hookah brush that reaches inside the inner parts of the hookah.

How to Use a Hookah?

You must only wash the hose if it’s made from waterproof materials like silicone and plastic. Aim to clean your hookah after every use for the ultimate experience. And here is everything about how to use a hookah.

1. Pour Water in the Vase

Before we cover how to do hookah, pour an inch or two of water at the bottom of the hookah.

There must be enough space for air to flow through the water, so you may need more water for a larger vase. If you pour too much, you’ll notice the smoke will be harder to pull.

2. Insert the Hookah Shaft

The hooker’s shaft touches the vase’s base, a crucial element that carries the smoke. Because of this, you must perfectly fit the shaft so it’s airtight.

A piece of rubber will sit on atop the base to create large clouds of smoke. If you have trouble fitting it, check the size to find the perfect rubber piece.

3. Place the Bowl Atop the Hookah Shaft

The bowl should fit with an airtight fitting. The piece of rubber will help create the seal.

4. Connect the Hose

The hookah’s shaft has holes so you can attach a hose, which must also be airtight. Otherwise, you’ll get thin smoke. Take this time to double-check the vase’s water because if there’s too much, the hose will get spoilt.

Hookah hoses are usually made from soft plastic, silicone, or rubber. When you need to wash them, use water alongside lemon or vinegar for the best results.

5. Seal Your Grommets

Another way to ensure your hookah’s airtight is by checking your grommets which sit between the bowl and the body. Grommets seal the joints and prevent any chance of leakage.

6. Position the Metal Tray on the Hookah Shaft

Next, attach your metal tray. This is a crucial element since it catches any excess tobacco and catches embers if they fall.

7. Prepare Your Shisha

You may be confused about terms like shisha and hookah. It’s important to know shisha is a common name for hookah tobacco, a mixture of molasses, glycerine, and the desired flavor.

Shisha imbues flavor to the smoking experience creates a thick smoke, a favorite among hookah fans. Sprinkle the shisha tobacco in your bowl to ensure airflow isn’t restricted and doesn’t overflow.

8. Apply Hookah Foil

Cut a round piece of foil twice the diameter of the bowl and place it over the top, so it’s flat and airtight. Next, take a sharp object and punch at least twelve holes along the top.

If you need to increase the airflow, then add more holes.

9. Heat Your Charcoal

If you’re using quick lighting coals, light them using a lighter and use tongs when handling them. You can also use natural coals, but it’s important to note they take longer to reach the heating point.

10. Transferring Your Charcoal to the Foil

Place your coal to the edge of the foil, leave it for three minutes, and then start inhaling. If you place the coal in the middle, it will char the foil, which could ruin the shisha.

11. Enjoy!

Inhale slowly until your lung capacity is filled. Don’t pull too hard as your lungs will fill up with smoke too quickly, and you could cough. Keep trying until you reach a comfortable rhythm so you get a better experience.

Hold the smoke inside your chest so you get the full aroma from the tobacco, and exhale through your nose or mouth in a slow stream. Exhaling is just as important because your body becomes relaxed with each breath.

It’s important to take breaks between every inhalation so you don’t become dizzy, so always smoke slowly.

And That’s How to Set up Hookah

Before investing in setup, you must learn how to use a hookah and how to set up hookah so you understand the process and which type of shisha tobacco you’d like.
Always clean the apparatus before use, use lightning coal for the quickest result, and smoke slowly so you can savor the aroma and taste. Happy smoking!

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