Life can be stressful, right? That’s why it’s important to have a way to chill out. For many people, that means getting high. Here is the guide of how to use a bong.

If you’ve never smoked weed, you’re in for a real treat. As marijuana laws continue to change in states across the country, more and more people are discovering the simple pleasure of lighting up and taking a hit off a bong.

How to Use a Bong Like a Pro?

This article takes a look at how to use a bong. It’s not complicated, but there are certain tips you’ll need to know to maximize your experience. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on using a bong to get the best high possible

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1. Get to Know Your Bong

A bong is simple yet sophisticated. The first thing you should do is take some time to familiarize yourself with the parts of your water bong. These will typically include a mouthpiece, chamber, bowl, downstem, and carb.

Each of these parts is essential in the operation of the bong and the experience of getting high.

2. Fill with Water and Slide in the Downstem

Go ahead and remove the downstem. Fill the chamber with water until the holes of the downstem are totally covered. Just be sure that it’s not so full that water spills out of the carb.

Keep in mind that water temperature is all about personal preference. Some people prefer warm, while others prefer room temperature or cold. You might be told that adding extra water will produce a better high, but this is mostly folklore.

The key is to test with varying amounts of water at different temperatures until you find exactly what you like best.

3. Remove the Bowl and Clean Out Any Ash

Now remove the bowl from your bong and clean out any ash or other residue that might be inside the bowl.

Glow on the bowl. If there seems to be a blockage, you’ll need to use a safety pin or a pencil to gently clear whatever debris happens to be lodged inside.

Remember, you want the air to move smoothly through the device so that you can enjoy the optimum smoking experience.

4. Break Up Your Weed and Loosely Pack the Bowl

At this point, you’re ready to prepare the weed.

When prepping the material for smoking, you’ll first need to check the bud for any seeds, stems, or leaves. Then break up the smoking material in pieces. As for size, a good rule of thumb is to keep the pieces roughly the size of large crumbs.

If you use a grinder, be sure to remove any debris prior to grinding because that stuff will compromise the quality of the smoke produced by your water bong.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that finely ground bud will get sucked into the chamber very quickly and likely extinguish before you’ve had a chance to fully enjoy it. Thus, you should consider keeping the grind a bit coarse.

5. Prepare the Downstem

Now you’re ready to pack the bowl. Pack the ground bud loosely inside the bowl, careful to not pack it over over the edge.

Does your bowl have a large hole in the bottom? If so, be sure to break off a bigger piece of bud and use it to block the hole. This will help prevent some of your herb from getting sucked into the downstem and causing problems.

Once your weed is packed into the bowl, you’re ready to light it.

6. Lighting the Bowl

The process for taking a hit from your bong starts with igniting the weed packed inside the bowl.

Hold the bong with your non-dominant hand and rest the bottom on your lap or a table. And if the bong is designed with a carb, grip the device so that you can plug the hole with your finger. It will take a little practice to take a smooth hit, but you’ll be an old pro in no time.

7. Taking a Hit

Next, place your lips against the opening and form a seal. Simply purse your lips and make sure the opening is totally sealed, otherwise you won’t get much smoke.

Hold the flame over the bowl as you inhale. This will help pull the flame into the bowl to ignite the bud.

Remove the flame but continue to inhale. You’ll notice the herb will start glowing. The key is to learn to inhale as slowly as possible so that you don’t suck the herb into the chamber.

Inhale until your mouth is filled with smoke and continue to hold it in for several seconds.

8. Remember to Exhale

Release your finger from the carb so that fresh air can push the smoke into your lungs. Beginners often struggle to get this part of the process just right.

You won’t want to hold the smoke in for too long. So go ahead and exhale slowly.

It’s important to note that most of the compounds contained in the weed will be instantly absorbed by your system.

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9. Wipe Down the Mouthpiece

After you exhale, be sure to wipe down the mouthpiece with a cloth or the sleeve of your shirt. This is especially important when sharing your bong with others.

10. Clean Out the Ash and Clean Your Bong

When you’re done smoking, clear out any ash from the downstem. It’s also a good idea to wash out the bong with isopropyl alcohol, water, and salt. This will help keep it nice and clean.

Your Complete Guide to How to Use a Bong for the First Time

Getting high can be a great experience. Fortunately, these tips for how to use a bong will make your first high as memorable as possible.

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