For many people, travel is a distant dream, something they will experience when they retire or win the lottery. Even for those who can afford it, many people struggle with finding the right time to make travel a priority.

Figuring out how to travel as much as possible can feel overwhelming–but it doesn’t have to be. From planning a trip to adjusting your budgeting to finding amazing places to stay, travel is about long-term goals.

Are you ready to see more of the world than you ever dreamed possible? Keep reading to learn more about how to travel for long periods with confidence!

How to Travel on a Budget

Aside from time (don’t worry, we will get to that), money is the thing that holds most people back from planning a vacation. How can they save for a trip when they have to worry about student loans and mortgages?

There are so many ways to budget for travel and still have the funds to take care of your responsibilities!

Finding Cheaper Options

To find the cheaper options that will allow you to travel as much as possible, you will need to put some extra effort into your planning. The most expensive options are the ones that will pop up in your research first. You have to disregard those and dig a little deeper.

To find the more budget-friendly options, you will need to search for hotel reviews, read through travel blogs, and work to find the best deals possible.

Travel Guide

Working Towards Your Goals

No matter what your financial situation is–if you are going to be traveling, you will need a budget. Write it all out. How much are you willing to spend on housing, food, and transportation?

Talk with your family or travel partners (if you aren’t traveling solo) and write out every detail you can think of. Now figure out how much money you have available to spend. See where you can stretch that money to extend your travels, make a plan, and work towards it.

Taking the time to write it all out can go a long way towards making sure your travels aren’t cut short because of a lack of funds.

Focus on Your Mindset

After money, the biggest obstacles are a supposed lack of time and a lack of motivation. Changing how you think about travel, and how you think about your own life, is essential to traveling more.

Travel as a Priority

If you want to travel as much as possible, then travel has to be one of your top priorities. You can prioritize travel by making a savings account for your travels, or by changing other aspects of your life to make it possible for you to travel more.

While many factors can keep people from traveling, one of them is simply the belief that it is out of your reach. If you can overcome this belief and begin to actively work your life around travel, then you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Flexibility and Spontaneity

The best deals come to those who don’t have a concrete plan. When you are searching for flights, you can often save hundreds of dollars by choosing a month to travel instead of specific departure and arrival dates.

You can also choose your home airport, and then see where you can go and for what cost. Maybe a flight to Costa Rica is $50 next month and you never would have known it if you hadn’t been flexible!

Also, pro-tip: Always search for flights in incognito mode or a private browser–this can save you money!

Learn All You Can From The Experts

However much you have traveled, there is always someone who has traveled more. Taking the time to learn travel tips from people who have extensive experience in the place you want to visit is a great way to save money, be respectful towards the local culture, and improve your trip planning skills.

Travel Blogs

As long as the public has had access to the internet, there have been travel blogs. They satisfy our curiosity, they inspire us, and they teach us. There are many different niches in the travel industry, and finding travel blogs that fit your interests can teach you a lot.

If you are looking to travel for long periods, you can find blogs written by budget travelers or digital nomads to learn the necessary skills.

Social Media

With the rise of social media came the popularity of travel influencers. However, these accounts are not just pretty faces and sandy beaches. Behind every influencer is a person who has figured out how to travel long-term!

Social Media

Guide Books

Guide books are written by experts in certain locations. Many times, these guide books offer options for different budget levels. This can be a great way to plan a trip that will extend your specific budget as long as possible.

Work Remotely

In modern times, there are unlimited options for working online! Finding a way to make money that is independent of any specific location is a great way to incorporate more travel into your life.

Remote Jobs

One of the many lessons we learned from the pandemic is that many of the jobs we were going into an office to do can be done from the comfort of our homes.

If you have transitioned to a remote job, then this can open possibilities for you. You can extend your vacation time by working from your vacation destination and enjoying the new location in the evenings.

Digital Nomads

Another option is to use your remote job or online business to travel full time. There are many “digital nomads” in the world who move from place to place constantly because their jobs do not tie them to one specific place.


Freelancing is another great way to make money and travel. You can sell skills like writing, teaching, or web design. A benefit of freelancing is that you set your schedule, and you decide when it is time for a vacation.

Alternative Housing Options

Staying in a hotel for two weeks straight is not your only option! From farms to hostels to luxury home exchanges, there are many ways to find accommodations for your extended travels.

Home Exchange

Home exchange is a great way to save money on accommodations during travel. From luxury homes to small apartments, home exchanges are a great way to see the world and experience a destination like a local does.

Research Your Future Home

If you already own a vacation home, then joining a home exchange can allow you to experience amazing properties in other countries at a reduced price. And it allows you to build connections with people all over the world

Reading this helpful guide can get you on your way to joining a home exchange program!


If you have a low budget, many volunteer programs offer housing in exchange for your time and labor. Small farms, nonprofits, and more are willing to offer accommodations for volunteers.

If you go this route, please be sure that you are volunteering for an organization that focuses on ethical and sustainable practices.

Are You Ready to Explore the World?

After the pandemic, travel is not something anyone will take for granted again. Now is the time to start planning ways to incorporate more travel into your life. Now is the time to learn how to travel as much as possible.

Are you ready to explore the world? Check out more about how to travel sustainably in our Travel section!

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