For some, graduation is the end of an era. For others, it’s just another day in the middle of their academic careers.

From food to graduation signs for yard, here’s everything you need to know for a graduation party that everyone on the block will be talking about.

Throw The Best Graduation Party

Invite Everyone

Invite Everyone

The heading is self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised at how many parties are just limited to friends and family.

Of course, that’s nice, but does your graduate want to party with people they’ve known since kindergarten or the guys they met along the way? Why not make it a huge reunion?

What’s better than catching up with old friends? Making new ones, of course!


It doesn’t matter what time it is; if there isn’t food, everyone will complain (some might still complain even if there is food). So, whether you’re preparing for morning, noon, night, make sure there is plenty of grub.


One thing that’ll keep them entertained all day long is good music from all eras, from disco to dubstep. Whether it’s blasting in the background when people are arriving or the main event when the graduation party kicks into high gear, music is a massive part of everyone’s life and should be treated as such.


Now, it might seem like a challenging job, but if you remember these two words: streamers and yard signs. For streamers, make sure to get bright colors seen from far away or hung around tall objects.

And for yard signs, keep it simple with something like ‘Congrats, Steven’ or go bigger with an arrow giving people directions to your house!

Graduation signs for the yard are a great way to direct guests around your yard at the bash. You can make the signs from many different materials, but corrugated plastic yard signs are the most popular.

Corrugated yard signs can be made with virtually any design and come in various printed materials with full-color designs and custom messages.


Without games, you might as well not even have a party. For the older set, there are plenty of drinking games out there that’ll bring back memories and create new fun activities at the same time. From Beer Pong to Quarters, there’s something for every graduate on the planet.

Goodie Bags

Goodie Bags are perfect for celebrating with all your guests. Most graduation parties have a lot of people attending, so it can be helpful to have an extra stash of gifts on hand.

Themed graduation goodie bags will fit perfectly into any party and provide everyone that attends with a token of appreciation.

Keep An Open Mind

Keep An Open Mind

One thing that’ll make the graduation party go from good to great is an open mind. It means that you should be okay with people getting a little too drunk or going outside of your comfort zone.

The only way a party succeeds is if everyone has a good time and isn’t afraid to show it.


You might have had a full course dinner or passed around various appetizers throughout the day, so at the end of it all, you should provide some light snacks for your guests.

Whether it’s just chips and dip or brownies and ice cream, keep people from getting hungry with an excellent late-night snack.

People Love Prizes

Consider having a raffle or contest so everyone can win something and feel special. It’ll help show people that you appreciate everything they’ve done and give them a little something to take home besides the goodie bag.

Get Creative

Celebrating is one of the most fun parts of life! So don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Instead of having games, have an adult scavenger hunt or group paint night! And why not combine food with recreation?

Try a grilled cheese eating contest or even bocce ball. These outside-the-box ideas will be sure to get guests excited and create memories that last a lifetime (and don’t forget the pictures).

Graduation Party Tips

Graduation Party Tips

  • If you have a lot of people coming to the ceremony, consider having music playing in the background to keep things lively.
  • Put up a yard sign for those visiting your house for the first time. Yard signs make it easier to spot your party.
  • Don’t be afraid to think out-of-the-box and get creative with your decorations.
  • Order food from a local restaurant or supermarket if you don’t want to spend all day cooking.
  • Make sure you have the seating arrangement prepared for everyone without having too many chairs that won’t get used.
  • Whether your grad stays local or jetting off to another country for higher education, these tips should help create an enjoyable day.
  • Graduation may be the end of an essential chapter in your life, but with this party, you can ensure it’s a memory that will last forever. Now go out there and make this graduation party one they’ll never forget.
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