It’s time to list your home on the market, and you’re prepared to do some marketing on your own. One of the biggest things to think about is posting your house online. Most buyers will turn to the Internet to search for houses before ever stepping foot outside.

The first impression of your house that buyers will see comes from the pictures and description of your house that you post online. Real estate pictures are an essential tool in selling a home. These pictures can either make or break a sale.

To capture the best pictures of your house when placing it on the market, continue reading below. We’ve put together a list of the top seven tips you need to know about when taking your own real estate photos!

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1. Prepare the Home

The first tip is to prepare your home. You don’t want to go into the house and start taking photos if you haven’t uncluttered, cleaned it out, depersonalized, and staged each room. Do not start taking any photos until you’ve completed all of these steps.

Remove all clutter from the house first. Place your items in storage units if needed. You should then do a cleaning of the home. Dust, vacuum, wipe counters down, and do all of your other normal cleaning tasks as well.

The next step is to remove all personal items from the house. Take pictures off of the walls and remove them from tables and counters as well. You want to show buyers a blank canvas where they can imagine their own personal items, not yours.

You can then stage the house in a simple way, nothing over the top, before starting the photography process.

2. Take Honest Photos

You want to take the absolute best photos of your house to get as many interested buyers as possible, but you also need to remember to be honest. Be sure to give off an honest representation of the house for sale. Each photo you take should give the buyer an accurate understanding of each room and the overall layout of the house.

If you try to take misleading photos, then you’ll have a large number of upset buyers when they come to check out the house in person. These upset buyers will then turn to the Internet to write bad reviews or warn other buyers about your listing. To prevent this from happening, post honest photos.

3. Choose the Right Date

Choosing the right day and time is another important factor to consider. If you need to plan ahead for a date to spend time taking pictures of the house, then be sure to research what the weather will be for that specific date. Otherwise, if you wake up one morning and the weather is beautiful, then go for it!

You’ll want to take your photos when the weather is nice and the sky is bright blue. Nice weather can actually help you sell a house so avoid taking pictures when it’s overcast or when the sun is going down.

Another great tip is to wait until the sun is hitting the front of the house and then take your pictures.

4. Let in Natural Light

Nothing compares to natural light. When taking pictures of the inside of the house, be sure to let in all of the natural light that you can. One secret is to remove all of the window screens on the windows.

This will allow more light to enter the house, making everything seem brighter and the rooms seem bigger. Removing the screens is also essential when you’re taking photos of the views out of the windows.

The screens will make the windows look dull, dirty, and not as clear.

5. Include All Three Walls

Photos of individual rooms should be taken at the doorways if possible and include all three walls. You really don’t want any close-ups in the rooms. Your main focus should be on giving the buyer a good idea of the layout of each room and the size.

If you can’t take a photo from the doorway, then opt to take a photo from a corner in the room instead. You should also make sure that the photos are taken from the chest level. This creates an ideal angle for your pictures.

6. Shoot With a Wide Lens

Everyone uses their smartphones to do just about anything in today’s world. You don’t want to use your smartphone to take your real estate photos, however. You want to use a high-quality camera with a wide lens.

This is essential because a camera with a wide lens will capture the entire room, while a regular lens won’t. You can rent professional cameras if you don’t want to make a purchase.

7. Make Small Improvements

You might feel tempted to shoot a bunch of shots without putting in much effort and then fix them with the use of a photo-editing program or software. Although making small improvements to your photos is acceptable, you don’t want to go overboard editing or photo-shopping your pictures.

Buyers aren’t naive and will notice if something looks off in the pictures. Instead, take your time shooting some amazing shots and then upload them onto your computer for small edits. If you’re uploading large files, then check out to ensure it’s done correctly.

What Will Your Real Estate Pictures Look Like?

If you follow these tips listed above, then your real estate pictures will look amazing! These tips are sure to help you create photos that’ll bring the buyers in non-stop.

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