Did you know that 63% of Instagram users in the U.S. frequent the app daily? With content constantly uploaded, there’s always something new to check out on the photo-sharing platform.

Instagram is a great place to express your creativity. With so many talented creators, it’s easy to find inspiration from others.

However, how can you apply this newfound inspiration to your own account? And do you need any fancy gadgets to take better photos?

We’re here to help you out. Keep reading below for our four tips on how to take good Instagram photos!

1. Use the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a popular design principle. It suggests using a 3×3 grid to create a more balanced composition.

There are plenty of ways to implement the rule of thirds. Some use it to perfectly center a subject before posting on Instagram. Others use it to find a more asymmetrical balance in their photos, giving the image a more fluid and dynamic appearance.

2. Size Your Photo Well

Size Your Photo Well

Instagram is known for its perfectly square photos. While you can post landscape photos, they’ll only appear so on your Instagram feedโ€”the photo will still be cropped when viewing your profile.

This can cause issues if, for example, the image has text that you want the viewer to see. If you plan on using your profile for marketing or simply want your profile to look sleek, it’s important to learn what the best image size for Instagram is.

Keep this in mind when snapping photos, especially of large crowds or multiple focal points. If you don’t give yourself enough buffer space, you’ll be forced to cut out parts of the photo when cropping it into a square.

3. Be Mindful of Lighting

Be Mindful of Lighting

As you’re learning how to take good Instagram photos, you’ll have to spend time learning about how to use light to enhance your pictures. If possible, opt for natural light in your photos.

If natural light isn’t an option, find an additional light source to brighten up your photo. Avoid flash at all costsโ€”it will wash out your photos.

Before you take your photo, be sure it isn’t overexposed. Most phones give you the ability to change the camera’s exposure level by simply dragging your finger up or down on your phone screen.

4. Use Props

Planning on showing off a makeup haul or snapping a photo of a tasty dinner? Your followers will give it little more than a passing glance if the photo has a dull background. It’s important to bring extra elements in to give your photo extra life.

One of the easiest ways to keep the photo interesting is by using props. Props will give your photos more spice and help create a more dynamic composition. Some favorite props used by Instagram users are flowers, books, candles, and fairy lights.

Your Guide on How to Take Good Instagram Photos

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Luckily, you don’t need a photography degree to come up with great Instagram ideas and take stunning pictures. With the tips above, you’ll have no trouble learning how to take good Instagram photos of your own!

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