It is commonplace to trade your luxury watches, beautiful pieces of jewellery, diamonds, luxury and classic vehicle, designer handbags and accessories, luxury real estate, premier auction house collateral, and sports and entertainment contracts, with high-end pawnbrokers for a loan. This implies that you can borrow cash to achieve various goals in exchange for your precious assets, which are temporarily kept until you pay off the loan. If you are in dire need of money and donโ€™t want to sell off your prized possessions, then the best option would be to take a loan using such items as collaterals.

Taking a loan against gold is one sure way to get instant cash without breaking the bank or parting with your belongings. In most cases, you get a speedy, precise, and fair valuation of your luxury items. Most pawnbrokers have decades of experience with luxury assets; they have a wide network of professional appraisers, dealers, and traders, and have built strong auction house relationships. They understand that the valuation of your asset is unique, and use various key parameters to determine the amount of loan that you qualify for. Each valuation conducted is based on the current fair market value pricing.

How It Works

Applying for a loan with your gold as collateral involves simple procedural steps that make it easy to get approved and funded in no time. Here are some steps that are embedded in the application process:

  • Information On Your Assets

To begin with, you need to contact a pawnbroker and convey your intentions. You will be instructed to provide a detailed description, which also comes with a photo. Based on your information supplied, you will be given an initial estimate of the value of your luxury asset and the loan it qualifies for.

  • Precise Valuation

Once the first step is completed, you will be required to forward your asset or bring it in person to their office for valuation. They have a team of experts that will analyse and provide accurate information on the valuation of your high-end asset.

  • Evaluation And Quote

Depending on the brand, model, rarity, age, condition, and provenance of your asset, you will be given a final loan quote.

This is a great option if you want a short-term loan. You can get amounts from $2,500 up to $5,000,000 within three days. Also, what makes this loan option ideal is that you donโ€™t need a personal guarantor, much paperwork, and credit check. For more convenience and speed, you can apply online or over the phone. Additionally, you do not need to leave the comfort of your home, as you can ship your luxury item to the pawnbroker, with the cost and insurance fully covered by them. Once the evaluation process has been concluded, you will get a final quote and contract to sign electronically, thanks to DocuSign. As soon as this phase is completed, you will receive your funds instantly, while your assets are photographed, marked, barcoded, and placed safely in a secured vault.

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