Artistic photography, no matter what genre, first of all, expresses some idea, the photographer’s intention with the help of various artistic techniques. Projecting this notion onto the nude genre, we can say that the main idea of such a photograph would be the photographer’s expression of beauty and harmony as an abstract concept through the image of a nude. That is, it is an attempt to attract the viewer’s attention with something more profound, more global, than some specific details and details of the human body. By the way, boudoir photoshoots are very popular now. You can see curvy boudoir photography ideas on Skylum’s blog right now

A boudoir photoshoot is not necessarily a nude photoshoot. It is a way to emphasize a person’s sexuality, so the character in the photo shoot can expose her figure exactly as much as she feels necessary. To do this, the heroine can be dressed up in beautiful lingerie, stoles, or translucent fabrics. Such clothes will create a sophisticated atmosphere, which is easy to feel through the photograph.

What Is The Difference Between Nude Photography And Portrait Photography?

nude photoshoot

Shooting nudes is always more difficult psychologically. A person who is ready to get an ordinary portrait is far from always able or at all willing to be nude to some degree. That is why in nude photography the psychology of working with people comes to the fore. All principles and ways of loosening up the models, and instilling confidence in them are multiplied by orders of magnitude. Well, the requirements for the photographer increase in the same way: to behavior during and after the shooting, as well as to the quality of the result.

It’s not easy to work with people, and often you can’t do everything even technically. That’s why you can first practice shooting nature, still lifes, and landscapes to get some basic technical skills.

Psychologically and morally, the nude genre is very, very difficult. When you have to apply some atypical ways of solving problems when you have to constantly control yourself and all the other participants in the shoot and take responsibility for everything. That is why this genre is the most demanding both for the technical and psychological skills of a photographer.

Some Ideas For A Non-Vulgar Nude Photoshoot

nude photoshoot

Note for yourself that a slightly covered body attracts the eye much more. In this regard, there are some original tips, which can also be used for boudoir photo shoots:

  • The first tip is to simply cover the body with ordinary clothing, which leaves room for imagination, speculation, and fantasy.
  • All sorts of translucent fabrics work well in this regard, the farther the fabric is from the body, the less transparent, and more hints remain.
  • Quite well work even completely opaque fabrics, which just fit around the body, emphasizing the forms, and curves.
  • I can still advise you to look at the work of different medieval artists, who used all kinds of decorations very skillfully and very competently, to emphasize natural beauty.
  • You can use any accessories, furnishings, and even just a simple shadow! Or a sunny glare! I think the imagination is not limited here.

What does a photographer need to know and be able to do to start shooting nudes? As a minimum, technical requirements: to be able to work with light, color, and composition. Above-average post-processing skills are mandatory. Art education is very good. And the second prerequisite – is necessary psychological skills.

As for photo editors, professionals prefer to use Photoshop, but it takes a very long time to master it. You may even have to attend courses. We recommend trying the modern image editor Luminar Neo, which works based on AI and contains an extensive set of professional tools. Luminar Neo is easy to use both for professionals and beginners.

The Main Purpose Of The Photographer In Nude Photography


If the photographer’s goal is to create artistic work with nudity and not to descend into vulgarity, he needs to consider two things:

  • Think in advance about the subject, the method of implementation, the setting, and the accessories. By no means go to the shoot with the idea of we’ll start, and then we’ll see what and how. Be sure to coordinate the storyline with the model, stipulating all the nuances.
  • Always keep the goal of the shoot in mind. And all of the photographer’s energies should be devoted to achieving the desired goal.

These tips are enough to make sure that the work turned out exactly as it was conceived.

What Are The Best Locations For Nude Photography?

It all depends on the subject and the idea. So the best location is the one that is logically in harmony with the purpose and fits into the story. This may be a semi-dark room with dim local lighting, a room flooded with sunlight, or any nature in any weather suitable for the story. How do you take a beautiful nude photo at home?

  • The first thing you could advise is to think in advance about the image and the plot, fitting into the existing interior. It may be necessary to move something in the room, to make new bed linen, if it will be in the frame. Sometimes you have to re-hang curtains from another room, to remove trash and unnecessary items from the frame.
  • The second thing is to think about lighting solutions. It is a competent play of light and shadow that determines the success and expressiveness of nude photography. Will there be enough natural light, or additional light is required? What kind of light should you use additionally?
  • Decide in advance what time you want to shoot. So you do not have to rush in an attempt to finish as soon as possible before the arrival of some relatives.

For inspiration, we recommend checking out curvy boudoir photography ideas on the Skylum developer website.

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