The white leather jacket has become more popular in recent years, especially with the advent of Mad Men and the show’s female stars making it part of their signature style. However, not everyone knows how to wear one or how to style it in a fashionable way.

If you’re ready to don this iconic piece of fashion history, here are some tips on how to style your white leather jacket so that you can look as fabulous as Betty Draper.

White leather jacket men

White leather jacket men

If you’re going for an urban, modern look, you can pair your white leather jacket with dark jeans or pants. A long-sleeved t-shirt or sweater will add some warmth and keep your look cohesive. You can also try adding accessories such as belts and bracelets to complete your outfit.

If you have long hair, it looks nice if you pull it back into a ponytail or bun. When wearing a white leather jacket, women can wear any type of pants they want. For example, if you wear skinny jeans or leggings, you should pair them with boots or knee-high boots. When pairing your white leather jacket with women’s clothing, make sure that they are all in shades of brown so that they complement each other well.

To finish off your look, wear jewelry and sunglasses that are both silver in color so that they match your clothes well. Silver is an excellent color to use when coordinating outfits because it matches so many different shades of clothing; however, silver does not match black very well at all so avoid wearing silver jewelry while wearing black clothing.

Instead choose gold jewelry instead when dressing in black clothing as gold compliments black much better than silver does.

White leather jacket Womens

While most jackets are designed for both men and women, you should always check for sizing information. A general rule of thumb is that if you’re looking at a white leather jacket for women online, it will usually fit sizes XS-XL.

You can also use your measurements as a reference. If you’re in between sizes, it may be better to go with a size up. It’s important to note that white leather jackets tend to run small because they’re made from thinner material than black or brown versions.

The good news is that they stretch over time and mold to your body shape—so if you have room in your closet, try on a few different styles before making a purchase! If you’re shopping for men’s white leather jackets, keep in mind that sizing varies by brand. Always check individual product listings before buying!

4 Tips to Buy the Perfect White Leather Jacket

There are tons of fashion rules that can change from day-to-day, year-to-year, and decade-to-decade. But when it comes to white leather jackets, there’s just one: Wear them with caution. Not everyone can pull off wearing an all white ensemble—but when they do it right, they look phenomenal. If you want to get in on some of that good juju, here are four tips for picking out and styling your perfect white leather jacket.

1. Choose The Right Fit For Your Body Type: Just like any other style piece, white leather jackets come in a variety of cuts and styles—and fit is key to finding one that will work for you. If you have broad shoulders or a smaller waistline, find something more form fitting.

On the other hand, if you have larger hips or wide shoulders (or anything else about your body), choose something looser and more flowing. For example, go with something double breasted if your chest looks larger than usual because it will add structure without making things appear even bigger than they already are.

2. Find Something That’s Made From Quality Materials: Even though white isn’t exactly a versatile color, you still want to make sure your jacket is made from quality materials. A thick leather that doesn’t crease easily is ideal for those who plan on spending time outdoors during cooler months.

3. Find One With A Stylish Cut: White may be bold but not every cut needs to be—especially if you’re planning on pairing it with lots of different colors and patterns throughout your outfit.

When shopping around, look for details like cuffs and collars that compliment whatever other clothing items you’ll be pairing it with so everything works together seamlessly.

4. Don’t Forget About Accessories: To really complete your white leather jacket look, don’t forget about accessories. A pair of white shoes will help break up all that white while adding a little extra contrast to your overall outfit. And don’t worry too much about getting stains on them either.

How To Wear a White Leather Jacket

How To Wear a White Leather Jacket

Know your white leather jacket, and know its limits. White leather jackets can be tough to wear: not only are they expensive, but you also have to be sure not to over-wear them (no white t-shirts, okay?). At their best, white leather jackets can look slick and suave — check out Harrison Ford’s style — and at their worst they look dated or worse, tacky.

So be careful with your purchase; if it’s white or cream colored go for casual styles and darker colorings for more formal events. Keep in mind that wearing all black with a white leather jacket can make you look washed out in photos; add contrast by including hints of deep reds or blues in your outfit. Keep it clean! Just like any other white garment,

white leather jackets will show dirt easily so keep yours as clean as possible. Don’t forget accessories! White leather jackets look great with dark denim jeans and boots or sneakers, depending on what kind of vibe you’re going for.

If you want to dress up your jacket a bit then try adding an accessory like a scarf or pocket square – both look great with white! 4. Wear it right! The most important thing about styling yourself is knowing how to wear each piece properly so that everything looks good together.


Put simply, white leather is where it’s at. And your jacket doesn’t have to be brand new—just make sure it fits well and still has that wow factor before you wear it out.

Once you have your jacket, check out these style tips: Stick with dark or monochromatic tones in order to highlight how great white leather looks. If you want to stand out, pair your white leather jacket with bright colors such as orange or yellow.

If you’re wearing a dress shirt underneath, consider adding more color via tie or pocket square for added contrast.

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