Once the weather begins to turn, and it starts to get warmer, it is time to think about storing your winter clothes away. While it may be a quick fix to just throw all your winter clothes into a garbage bag. When you come to your winter clothes next year, you may find them unwearable.

You need to know how to properly store your winter clothes to avoid this from happening. This includes washing and packing the clothes away carefully. Additionally, you may wish to purchase large clothes storage bags for sweaters, which will help take up less space in your home.

In this article, we are going to guide you through how to store your winter clothes correctly.

Storing Your Winter Clothes

storing your winter clothes

The following are things you should consider when it comes to storing your winter clothes.

Sort Through Your Clothes

Sorting through your winter clothes is the first thing you should do before putting them in storage. It makes no sense to use up room for garments that you won’t be wearing the following winter.

While your choices are still fresh in your mind, donate the clothing you didn’t wear.

Wash Your Winter Clothes

Ensure your winter apparel is being stored in the best possible condition. Keeping smelly or stained clothes in storage can only make them worse. Additionally, food and sweat stains draw bugs and other insects more than the fabric itself does.

Unless you are certain that you haven’t worn anything since the last time you washed it, wash everything you intend to store.

Allow Everything Time To Dry

It is important that no matter what you wash, whether that is clothes or winter shoes, that you need to give them plenty of time to dry. If you donโ€™t give your winter clothes enough time to dry before putting them into storage, then the items may become moldy.

Storage Options

The most important factor to take into account when determining how to store your winter clothing is how to keep your garments as safe as possible. Especially, given any specific space constraints and requirements of various types of clothing.

Vacuum-sealed bags and plastic containers with tight-fitting lids are the simplest storage solutions. Also, when these two options are combined, they take up the least amount of room. Hence, the best approach to prevent pests from turning your clothing into a feast is to store your clothes in both sealed bags and containers

Ward Off Pests

storing your winter clothes

To ward off bugs, use cedar or lavender sachets. Additionally, charcoal bags can assist in odor absorption while your clothing and shoes are packed away. Ensuring that everything smells clean and new when you unpack it.

Where Should You Store Your Winter Clothes?

Winter apparel should be kept in a cold, dry, and dark place. Keeping your clothes in a climate-controlled setting most often entails finding somewhere inside your home to store your clothes, not your attic or garage.

The ideal out-of-the-way storage solutions include the top shelf in a closet or under your bed.

Is It Better To Fold Or Hang Winter Clothes?

Hang everything that might wrinkle if folded, and fold anything that may stretch or change shape when hung. Ideally, you want to hang coats and skirts with pleats. If you do hang garments, then it is best to enclose them in full protection cloth bags.

However, if you donโ€™t have the space, you can still fold these items, but donโ€™t put them into a vacuum bag. It is also important to not overfill your containers, as this could distort the shape of some of your garments.

storing your winter clothes

Apply acid-free tissue paper when folding to give an extra degree of security for delicate, or vintage goods. Using tissue paper can also help you to avoid color bleeding and snagging, even if some of your garments are embellished.

To ensure clothes maintain their shape and avoid snagging, make sure all buttons are closed, and all zippers are pulled up before hanging or storing them in bins.

Final Thoughts

Once you no longer need your winter clothes, it is critical to store them away properly. This includes ensuring everything is clean and placed into the appropriate storage containers. By following the steps outlined above, you will be able to store your winter clothes away easily, ready to be worn the following winter.

We hope this article has been insightful. Now you can store your winter clothes away correctly, with no worries at what condition they will be in next winter.

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