If you’ve been researching solar panel installation, you may have come across info regarding store solar energy. But what does that mean? Well, solar storage is an added bonus for homes that use solar power.

Take a look at the information below, and we’ll explain how to store solar energy and the benefits of doing so.

How to Store Solar Energy

Facts About Solar Energy That Everyone Should Know

The majority of homeowners store solar energy using a solar battery. Basically, you can conserve solar power through thermal or mechanical energy storage. However, those options are not always the most efficient way to store energy— especially since they require lots of parts, materials, and space.

On the other hand, solar batteries are a fantastic option for containing residential solar power. The most common types of battery used for doing so are lithium batteries.

They last longer, and they don’t require as much maintenance. Not to mention, they take up less space than other solar energy storage options.

Lithium batteries can reserve solar power through a variety of chemical reactions in which lithium ions are transferred through an electrolyte solution inside of the battery. Therefore, when the solar panel sends power to the battery storage system, it transfers lithium ions and releases electrons into an electrolyte solution inside of the battery. This entire process is what stores the energy.

The Advantages of Solar Power Storage

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Here are some of the benefits of using solar energy storage:

Backup Power

Unfortunately, solar panels can’t power your home during an outage. The only way to keep the electricity on when the main grid shuts down is to connect your solar system to a solar battery.

The good news is, solar batteries are quieter than generators. So you don’t hear buzzing and other loud noises as you’re running a solar battery during a blackout.

Plus, unlike a traditional generator, you don’t have to refuel a battery. You just rely on the solar panels and the batteries to work together to provide the electricity that you need.

Lower Electricity Bills

Some homeowners send their leftover electricity to the grid to get a lower rate. However, instead of doing that, you should store your energy and get its full retail value. It’s also a good idea to use solar storage power doing peak demand hours when utility rates are more expensive.

Independent Energy

When you have solar power stored away, you’re not as reliant on the utility grid. Again, if the power goes out, your home will have electricity. Also, when you use solar panels, you know that your power is coming from the sun, not a gas or oil company.

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Getting the Most Out of Solar Energy

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Hopefully, this information properly explained how to store solar energy. As you can see, using solar power batteries is a great idea, and it’s very beneficial for your family.

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