Cigars, like fine wine, are organic and sensitive to their environment. That’s why it is essential to store them properly to maintain their freshness and preserve their quality. Read on to find out how to store cigars.

1. Use A Humidor


A humidor is a storage box designed to control and maintain the cigars’ appropriate humidity and temperature levels. It creates the perfect balance of temperature and humidity, which preserves the cigars’ quality and taste, and keeps them from deteriorating over time.

Humidors are made of absorbent materials such as oak, cedar, maple, and cherry. These materials absorb excess moisture and only release the moisture when the interior is too dry. As a result, the humidor maintains optimum humidity levels, which prevents the cigars from drying up or growing mold.

Humidors come in various shapes and sizes. They can be as small as a box or as large as a walk-in closet. They also range in price and quality, with the basic humidors ranging from $30 to $50, while top-shelf brands cost over $500.

2. Cigar Box

You can store cigars in the cigar box they came with, but only for a brief period. Cigar boxes protect the cigars from damage during shipping. They also prevent cigar beetles from destroying your precious collection.

However, they lack a humidification system and a seal that retains moisture in the box. Even if you leave the cellophane on the cigars, a cigar box still won’t keep the cigars fresh for long. The moisture will eventually evaporate, and the cigars will dry out. Therefore, cigar boxes are not the best storage option unless you place the box in a humidor.

3. Ziploc Bag

Ziploc Bag

If you only need to store a couple of cigars, a simple Ziploc bag, and a damp sponge will suffice. Simply place a damp sponge in a large Ziploc bag, add the cigars and seal tightly. The damp sponge will provide the moisture needed to keep the cigars fresh for a long time. However, check the setup regularly to ensure that the sponge does not dry up.

4. Use A Tupperware

Use A Tupperware

Tupperware can be used as a makeshift humidor. These containers are especially useful if you have a big cigar collection that cannot fit in a Ziploc. Use a sponge soaked with distilled water to provide moisture. Avoid tap water since it contains chemicals that alter cigars’ taste and promote mold growth.

5. Cooler Box

If you plan on storing cigars for more than a few months, then a cooler box is the next best option after a humidor. It will maintain the right humidity levels and keep the cigars fresh longer.


If you’re thinking of investing in an expensive cigar, you might want to learn how you can store it properly and avoid any unpleasant consequences. The gold standard for storage is a humidor. However, if you do not have one, you can store the cigars in a cigar box, a Ziploc bag, a cooler box, or Tupperware for a short period.

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