Every year in the United States, nearly 700 people die from heat-related health issues. The sun can sear your skin, ruin your eyesight, and leave you dangerously dehydrated and needing medical help.

The good thing to remember is that most of these conditions are perfectly preventable. You can take a few simple steps to ensure you’re always safe in the sun and stay out of harm’s way.

If you’re looking to get out and about during the hot summer months, keep reading this sun safety article to ensure you have the best outdoor time possible.

1. Use Sunscreen

Wear Sunscreen

First and foremost, sunscreen is your friend.

Many people seem to think that their options are limited to wearing sunscreen or losing all hope of getting a tan. This is a dangerous mindset to get into as it only takes UV rays 15 minutes to do some serious damage to your skin.

Sunscreen helps to protect your skin from these rays and allows you to withstand more sun exposure than you’d usually be able to.

2. Wear a Hat

When it comes to combatting dehydration and heat exhaustion, your head is the area you want to pay the most attention to. Keeping the sun off your face should be your top priority.

If you want to be safe in the sun, grab yourself the perfect sun hat today. Hats with wide brims work best to keep the sun off your face.


3. Wear the Right Materials

Wearing clothing made of the right material can be the difference between a lovely day out and a horribly uncomfortable day fraught with potential dangers. That’s because the right material will help you stay safe in the sun.

When looking for tops and bottoms to wear on a hot day, try and opt for sweat-wicking materials like polyester. These materials draw the sweat away from your body and prevent painful chafing that can leave you with rashes.

4. Learn to Read Your Skin

Learning to read your skin is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the sun. Get to know your skin by looking for markings, moles, or anything else that might indicate that you’ve spent too long in the summer sun.

Look for moles that have changed shape, size, color, or texture. Pay attention to moles that have an uneven edge or are different colors. Also, keep an eye out for any marks, wounds, or insect bites that don’t seem to be healing.

Ways to Protect Your Skin This Summer

Staying Safe in the Sun Can Save Your Life

Keeping safe in the sun is vital during the summer months. You really don’t want to find out the hard way how terrible sunstroke or heat exhaustion can feel. Follow the tips listed above, and you’ll be absolutely fine.

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