Are you wondering how to start a gaming YouTube channel? 2020 was a watershed year for gaming. The coronavirus pandemic created billions of hours of gameplay that lit the fuse of video game growth.

Nearly 3 billion people worldwide play video games. That’s a huge market to tap into if you’re interested in starting a gaming YouTube channel.

There are abundant opportunities for gamers to build a business via YouTube. Esports and game reviews attract the most viewers on YouTube.

Are you interested in learning how to start a gaming YouTube channel? Here’s a guide that shows you how you can start a gaming channel and increase your viewers.

Read on!

Set Up Your Account


Starting a gaming YouTube channel requires the right mindset and dedication. First, you’ll need to set up your account. You can do this by creating a YouTube profile and channel, creating a Google account, connecting your channel to an AdSense account, and setting up an account with any other gaming sites you want to feature in your videos.

Next, create a brand for yourself by choosing a channel name, logo, and theme. Finally, determine your content. Figure out what games you want to showcase and the content you’ll deliver. Make sure your content is entertaining for viewers, as well as information about the game being featured.

Finally, create a schedule of when you’ll be uploading content and work on building an audience by engaging with the YouTube community and actively promoting your channel.

Create Eye-catching Thumbnails and Titles

Selecting a consistent font and graphics can help your videos stand out and make them easier to recognize. Creating good titles is also essential, as it can help provide an idea of what the video is about and draw viewers in. Utilize a banner template for your thumbnails.

YouTube Channel

Finally, it’s important to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to making thumbnails and titles. This can help your videos stand out and make them memorable in your viewers’ minds.

Use the Right Equipment for High-Quality Videos

This starts with a good quality camera and microphone to capture gaming videos and edit them properly. You will also need a stand for your camera and good lighting equipment to get the best quality images.

Investing in a reliable computer and video editing software is an essential part of making high-quality videos.

Engage With Viewers and Collaborate with Other YouTubers

To start a successful channel, it is essential to quickly engage with viewers and collaborate with other YouTubers in the gaming community.

Working together with like-minded people helps build organic and organic relationships, which can bring new audiences to your channel. Respond to comments and messages in a timely manner to establish a meaningful connection with your viewers.

Connect with other gamers in the same niche and cross-promote each other’s content to reach an extended audience. Make content regularly and stick to a consistent schedule to generate a following and remain visible on the platform.

Tips On How to Start a Gaming Youtube Channel


Know how to start a gaming YouTube channel and share your gaming content, tips, and expertise in video format. With the right equipment and gaming knowledge, anyone can create great gaming content for their YouTube channel.

So why not start your own gaming YouTube channel today and share your expertise? Create your content and start gaining followers.

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