When you write an essay, it’s essential to know how to create complete writing and write each part in detail. A conclusion is the last but not the tiniest amount of any essay. A strong conclusion gives an excellent final impression of your work, especially if appropriately created. So, if you understand how to make a decision, especially how to start it, you’re on your way to success. And now, we will provide a detailed explanation of how to create a conclusion in an essay.

The Main Purpose of the Conclusion

First, it’s essential to remember what to mention in this part of the essay. A conclusion is a part that summarizes everything said in the introduction and body parts. On the other hand, the conclusion is not a part of adding new information, as you only conclude what was said before.

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The conclusion should be brief and strong. Any water in this part of the text makes it weaker, so consider adding only necessary information to the conclusion. A firm conclusion has three initial targets:

  • Tie together all parts of the writing, mentioning core points from each part.
  • Underline the importance of the arguments you used. The conclusion must be short, so don’t develop a long explanation.
  • Create a strong impression. After finishing your essay, the reader will keep thinking about it for some time. It means you have achieved this target.

In ideal format, the conclusion should have three to four sentences. However, it’s not just a necessary rule that should be followed. Each part of the conclusion is included in the text for a specific reason. Students that ask, “Please, write my essay for me,” don’t even think about it. However, if you wish to improve your writing skills and an understanding of the basic principles, the upcoming paragraph is essential for you.

How to Start a Conclusion in an Essay- Return to the Thesis

Returning to the overall argument signals that writing comes to the finish line. However, you don’t need to write it again. Instead, rephrasing it will be a better option. Using this tip, you will show how the argument developed under the provided evidence.

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Review Your Core Points

The next step is to mention your main points while supporting the argument in the body paragraphs. The simple overview is different from what we need. The better option is to clarify the connections between all parts. When the essay has a complicated topic, readers may lose major points or have a vague understanding. The conclusion clarifies everything and shows that your story has a logical ending.

Let’s say you have a historical essay about the Gulf War, and in the body part, you mention core events that lead to a triumphant Ally victory. So, if you provide a detailed description in the central part, your conclusion should have a short recap. Two short sentences may be enough because there’s still one point that the conclusion should have.

Show the Matter of the Topic

Look wide at your argument and consider answering one of the following questions:

  • Does it provide a better understanding of the topic?
  • Does it open the gates for future studies and impact the subject?
  • Can you connect it to the broader subject?

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Regardless of the topic, the core objective of the conclusion is to emphasize the significance of the argument you provide. In addition, it will add some more points to the whole text as the reader will be interested in investigating the topic you write about.

Typical Mistakes When Writing the Conclusion

The best way to make the part better is to avoid typical mistakes. The essay conclusion doesn’t look like the problem part, but a few things are still worth attention.

First, avoid conducting phrases. Constructions like “In conclusion,” “Summing up,” and other similar things should be replaced as they weaken your writing.

Second, avoid using apologetic phrases. Please stick to your position and ensure it’s clear. Some topics may have different approaches, but your task is convincing the reader that yours is the best.

Finally, don’t conclude too long. An ideal case is when it’s 10 or 15% of the whole writing. Stick to it but don’t be afraid to make it a bit longer. If you don’t surpass the word limit, it’s ok. However, if you don’t want to prepare an essay yourself, you can leave it to professional writers. Experienced specialists will provide you with an excellent text considering all the requirements.

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