Instagram has over 1 billion daily users, making it one of the most popular social networks.

With that many people making content, it can be difficult to determine how to stand out and make your brand’s message heard.

Research who your potential customers are and what content they like. Then put it in an Instagram story to create a quick, powerful form of communication.

Read our guide to have all your Instagram story questions answered and get some ideas for how to use the feature to grow your business.

How to Make an Instagram Story

Instagram stories became a part of the platform in 2016. Since then, this feature alone has gained 500 million daily users.

Figuring out how to share stories on Instagram is a simple but multi-step process.

The first step is to add content. Tap the camera to open the Instagram Story Creator. Choose up to 10 pictures or videos to play in 15-second segments.

There are 10 main Instagram stories format options to choose from. They include type, music, live videos, normal, boomerang, focus, superzoom, rewind, hands-free, and stop-motion.

The ideal aspect ratio is 9:16 with dimensions of 1080px wide by 1920px tall. Pick an attractive cover and eye-catching content that meets these specifications.

Publish by clicking “Your Story.” It’ll appear in a bar at the top of your feed, and your profile picture will get a colorful ring to let viewers know you updated. They can tap your profile photo to view your story.

You can find out how much you’re standing out by checking the list of who’s viewed your story that appears below it.

How to Stand Out on Instagram

You may not believe content that disappears after a day can help your business, but it can. 1 in 5 Instagram stories get a direct message as a response, and this engagement is why over 50% of business accounts use the feature.

Stickers allow you to get user feedback from your Instagram stories. Choose from options like A/B, slider, and emoji to collect user opinions.

Instagram stories have a 24-hour time limit that creates a sense of urgency. Add a countdown sticker to an Instagram story about a limited-time offer or event to get viewers excited.

Built-in features like face filters, stickers, and hashtags can spice up your stories.

Use a Selfie Sticker to add a picture of your own face. This can help you create a consistent brand identity. Adding hashtags and tags increase SEO or search engine optimization.

Instagram’s marker and eraser tools can do more than draw, although that’s one way to create a compelling story. They can also create effects like an image that reveals itself as the user scrolls.

One way to learn how to stand out on Instagram is to discover interesting ways to incorporate text. This tool lets you easily make text animation features to add to your Instagram story.

If you’ve made the perfect Instagram story, don’t let it disappear. Use the Story Highlights feature to ensure it stays on your profile forever.

How to Use Instagram Stories

Determining how to stand out on any social media platform can be tough, as it’s easy to get lost in the sea of content. It’s still possible to get noticed using Instagram stories with time and preparation.

The pool of Instagram story ideas is limited only by your imagination and budget.

Use all the creative features available to cater your content. Add variety with things like animated text and filters.

Read the rest of our content and keep checking back for more information.

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