So, you’re interested in improving your look. You want to turn heads with your stellar sense of style, stand out from the crowd by dressing sharp and looking polished. Who wouldn’t?

If you’re just getting started, men’s fashion can feel overwhelming. But by learning a few simple tips and taking the right steps, you’ll find that building a snappy wardrobe isn’t as difficult as it seems.

To learn everything you need to know about taking your look up a notch, just keep reading!

Fit is First

The most important thing when choosing clothes is to ensure that they fit, and fit well. A plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly are going to look better than an ill-fitting three-piece suit.

There’s a happy medium with clothing fit. Your clothes should hug your body without being skin-tight.

Even if you’re not a fan of shopping, it’s crucial that you take the time to try on everything before purchase. Sizes and men’s fashion brands aren’t created equal, a medium in one store could be closer to a large in another.

It can be tempting to grab what you think will fit and go, but if you truly want to look fashionable, you need to try before you buy.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Color is a great way to express yourself through fashion. As long as your clothing fits well, you can be as adventurous as you want with color. Don’t feel restricted to greys and blues – throw in some green, red, and yellow into your wardrobe as well!

Now, there are some caveats. It’s best not to douse yourself in color and instead give yourself a pop of color here and there. With color, especially bright shades, less is more.

Additionally, while patterns and colors are a welcome addition to any wardrobe, try to stay away from graphic t-shirts and anything that’s a little too juvenile. T-shirts are a men’s fashion staple, but you don’t want to look like a teenager.

Invest in a Suit

Unless your work requires you to dress in formal attire, you probably won’t wear a suit on a daily basis. So rather than buying a few suits off the rack, invest in one suit that looks great and fits like a glove.

It will cost a bit more, but you should get your suit, if not your entire wardrobe, tailored. Nothing will make you look more stylish than a suit altered to fit you perfectly.

Stick to a classic look when choosing your suit. This doesn’t mean you can’t purchase a burgundy set if that’s what you want, but go with a single-breasted option in a darker color. A lime green suit might be a fun novelty, but not good for regular use.

Pick the Right Jeans

Don’t underestimate the difference the right pair of jeans can make. Pick a pair that’s wider at the thigh, then narrows down toward your ankle, this cut is usually labeled “slim-tapered”.

Avoid pre-distressed jeans and those with holes in them. Dark, raw denim will last the longest and be most comfortable in the long run. Denim is designed to age as you wear it, forming to you over time – allow it to do so!

Accessorize for Individuality

Accessories are great for injecting a bit of your personality into your outfits, but you need to be picky with them. If you’re wearing a suit, a matching tie and pocket square can add a pop of color and point of intrigue to your look.

Dressing more casual for the day? Throw on a watch! Like a good suit, a watch is something that should be invested in and chosen carefully. Choose a watch that fits your personal style while being practical and comfortable.

One of the worst things you can do is go overboard with accessories. Too many can make you look gaudy and ruin your outfit. When in doubt, remove one accessory. The goal is to appear effortlessly fashionable.

Don’t Skimp on Shoes

Shoes are a criminally overlooked part of men’s fashion. If you’re going to splurge on anything, let it be your shoes. A well-crafted pair of shoes will last a lot longer and provide better support.

When shopping for shoes, keep in mind that a quality pair of shoes should last at least 15 years. They’re worth the investment!

Sneakers should be reserved for the gym and the great outdoors. Instead of wearing the same pair of shoes everywhere you go, have at least two pairs. A pair of athletic shoes for physical activity and a pair of boots or even fashion sneakers for everyday wear.

Be Yourself

Allow men’s fashion trends and tips to lead you in the right direction, but be true to you when picking your clothes. After all, nothing looks better than self-confidence. If you’re confident in what you’re wearing and own your fashion sense, you’re going to look stylish.

Your clothing should be a projection of you, not a costume that you wear because you think you should. Don’t worry about fitting in or following trends, wear what speaks to you!

If you hate the idea of wearing a traditional suit, for example, look into kurta patterns for men. Fashion should be fun, allow yourself the freedom of uniqueness.

Stand Out from the Crowd with These Men’s Fashion Tips

The best thing you can do when trying to improve your style is to think of fashion as a skill – because it is. Be patient with yourself, learn what you like, and before you know it, you’ll know men’s fashion like the back of your hand.

Remember, it may take a little more time, but trying clothes on before buying them can make all the difference. And above all else, be yourself and be proud of it! Confidence looks great on everyone.

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